12 Red Brick House Design Updates with Photos | brick&batten (2022)

We’re big fans of painting brick, and we’re here to help you figure out color palettes that can work if your brick is in need of a refresh. BUT we also totally understand clients who want to leave their brick natural! A red brick house can be beautiful; however, it’s a strong look and can be one of the toughest to work with, particularly for color palettes. We get clients writing in all the time asking us about trim colors that we recommend to go with their red brick houses, what siding colors work best to complement their red brick façades, and more. We figured this roundup might help some of you make decisions on how to update your red brick homes.

Having trouble envisioning updates to your red brick house? That’s why we created our virtual design services. We will help you see what your exterior design updates will look like before you commit by providing you with a rendering of the new look.

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#1 // Traditional Two-Story Gets Dressed Up

This traditional two-story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines — it simply needed updated accents to modernize it and dress it up. Benjamin Moore paint colors provided the fresh color palette: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon’s Breath to stain the wood siding, and Black on the windows. A darker color on the roof, new wood-look garage door, and copper gutters are the elegant final touches.

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#2 // Modern Elements on Classic Red Brick Ranch

This style of red brick ranch home is a classic found in American neighborhoods built after World War II. Modernizing the front porch with new materials made the biggest impact in bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers also recommended removing the shutters (because they weren’t sized correctly) and updating the windows and front door. The wood accents and copper gutters coupled with Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze on the trim tones down the contrast, making the curb appeal more understated.

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#3 // Traditional Two-Story with Color Blocking

This traditional two-story home had a second-story pop-out with a Tudor-influenced façade that felt both a bit dated and unfinished. We recommended new Hardie® Panel vertical siding in Benjamin Moore’s Graphite for a color-blocked look. Revere Pewter on the trim highlights the roofline. A new portico over the front door and an elevated walkway lead the eye to the front door.

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#4 // Refreshed Red Brick Estate

A few simple updates brought new life to this beautiful traditional two-story. Painting the siding and trim in Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal and the windows, gutters, new double front door, and metal awning in Onyx provide contrast against the natural red brick. A roof that’s a couple of shades darker than the original ties everything together.

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#5 // New Windows + Wood Accents

Another beautiful traditional home that got a facelift from simple updates. New modern black grid windows and a couple of awnings provide a touch of modernity. Next, wood gable accents and a gorgeous double front door coordinate with the copper gutters to accentuate the home’s layers. Finally, a bluestone walkway and new front steps keep things grounded.

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#6 // Red Brick + Wood Veneer

This modern home had a darker red brick that lends itself nicely to pairing with wood siding. We recommended using a composite wood grain siding option from Woodtone under the front gable. Black and charcoal gray comes in on the new roof, modern garage door, exterior lighting family, and the trim, rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Onyx. Finally, we recommended new James Hardie standard vertical siding on the upper level, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray.

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#7 // Tasteful Updates on Historic Home

This gorgeous historic red brick house got a fresh look with a few intentional updates. First, we recommended new Marvin windows and a new double steel door. Other black accents include the X-style porch railing between the existing brick columns and a Bahama-style shutter over the set of windows to the left of the entrance. Classic copper lighting from Bevolo honors the past. Lastly, Tivertino panels modernize the front door surround on up to the roofline.

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#8 // Traditional Ranch with Warm Neutrals

The bright red brick on this traditional mid-century ranch felt high-contrast against the pure white accents. Plus, there was a lot going on with the dark shingle siding, deep blue front door, and the dated gray shingle roof. We recommended letting the brick shine by muting the color palette. The new metal roof is in an understated warm brown that pulls out the copper gutters and exterior lighting as well as the gorgeous new wooden front door. We added an eyebrow roof over the garage for interest. The trim, eaves, soffits, and the new garage door are rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak. And new Hardie® Shingle Siding painted in Rockport Gray brightens up the front porch area.

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#9 // Red Brick House with Dark, Modern Materials

Moving into more modern design territory is the new exterior design of this split-level home. The red brick is more of an accent on this façade because the siding on the upper level is dominant. We recommended replacing the old siding with Hardie® Panel vertical siding and painting it — and the chimney — in Benjamin Moore’s Graphite. The trim and eaves are rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black, which plays well with the black lighting family, garage doors, windows, and new chimney cap. Wood and copper accents bring in natural elements that pull out the warmth of the brick.

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#10 // Traditional Home with Warm Grays and Stone

As you can see, many traditional red brick homes were originally paired with bright white siding and trim — a color palette that we prefer to tone down a few notches. On this home, we recommended Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal on the siding with Pale Oak on the trim. The entryway got a major upgrade with gorgeous new wooden double doors, a lovely surround and overhang, statement sconces, and a fresh stone-and-pavers walkway leading up.

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#11 // Large Traditional Home with Modern Touches

We rendered this large traditional red brick home with an exterior design that includes modern touches: new garage doors, updated lighting, and a fresh front porch overhang. We provided an idea for new James Hardie siding surrounding the central two-story bank of windows to emphasize it, rendering it painted in Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood. Onyx on the trim provides contrast. Warm stone siding grounds the home, and we also used it to wrap the chimney for added interest.

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#12 // Limewash!

We love limewash. It’s a great compromise between painting brick and leaving it natural. The red brick on the lower half of this home is rendered with a Romabio limewash custom tinted with Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl. Limewash gives you the flexibility to allow some of your brick’s natural color to show through, as above. It also works well on brick walkways! Here, we’ve paired the limewash with a full Benjamin Moore paint color palette: Seapearl once again on the siding, Simply White on the trim, Sea Haze on the shutters, and Black on the new front door.

12 Red Brick House Design Updates with Photos | brick&batten (13)

Red Brick Houses Can Feel Both Timeless and Modern

As you can see in these examples, red brick houses don’t have to feel dated. You also don’t have to paint your red brick if you love it but want some more modern curb appeal. Basically, you can have your cake and eat it, too. It’s our job to show you how.

Red brick can be gorgeous. It can also be tricky. That’s why it makes sense to work with an expert when you’re planning an exterior makeover for your red brick home. We’d love to partner with you on making your curb appeal dreams a reality! Get started today.

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How can I make my red brick house look better? ›

It's not a good idea to paint your brick house bricks are porous and absorb ground moisture that can

Is red brick out of style? ›

Is red brick out of style? Like many types of masonry, red brick is a timeless addition to the home that never goes out of style.

How do you modernize a brick wall? ›

7 Ways to Update Your Interior Exposed Brick Wall
  1. Create Some Contrast In Textures. source. ...
  2. Limewash It. source. ...
  3. Add Windows. source. ...
  4. Frame It. source. ...
  5. Paint It Black. source. ...
  6. Add a Mural. source. ...
  7. Add a Pop of Color. source.
25 Sept 2020

Does painting a brick house reduce its value? ›

Painting brick is a great way to upgrade curb appeal and increase your home's value. Using a dark color like slate grey or even a classic white can create a major visual impact when painted correctly.

How can I make my house exterior look more modern? ›

7 Smart Exterior Upgrades
  1. Build Stone Columns. Columns on stone-faced pedestals are a nice option for a rustic-style home. ...
  2. Try Out Dentil Molding. ...
  3. Construct a Charming Walkway. ...
  4. Be Whimsical With Trim. ...
  5. Install Rustic Wooden Brackets. ...
  6. Make an Entrance With Lighting.

What trim color goes with red brick? ›

Best Trim Color for Red Brick

We most often see clients go with a white trim with their red brick because a white trim will help the brick pop.

What color should the front door be on a red brick house? ›

White – a classic front door color for red brick house, it will never go out of style. Almond – if you want a light colored front door but white isn't your style, try this beautiful off-white. Black – very on-trend entry door color choice that looks beautiful with gold or brass hardware.

Does grey go with red brick? ›

Gray has been a very popular exterior color for years now and it's a perfect pairing for red brick. If your brick has any variation with darker sections here and there, these colors might be the perfect choice for your next painting project.

What Stone looks good with red brick? ›

Blue landscaping stones are a particularly good option if your red brick has orange undertones since blue and orange are directly across from one another on the color wheel. Slate is available in bluish tones that pair well with red brick.

What colors look good on brick houses? ›

When choosing a color to paint your brick home, consider white, light gray or pale blue for a bright, fresh look, or black or charcoal for a dramatic curb appeal boost.

What color brick is most popular? ›

Red brick is the most traditional color of brick, and is often associated with older or more classic styles of architecture, such as the colonial style in the U.S. It can thus be used to create a vintage or traditional aesthetic, or to adapt a new building to the character of an older neighborhood.

What Colour brick is most popular? ›

According to a recent survey, the group reported that the top residential color choices include whites, grays, tans, and buffs (a light yellow-brown color) – in line with younger homebuyers' preferences for lighter exteriors made from natural materials and modern design over boxy architecture.

What decor looks good on a brick wall? ›

Add wood accents and greenery around it.

Incorporate wood accents like picture frames, shelves, ladders, headboards and side tables (Hint: Darker wood looks amazing against brick!). And to top it off, surround the wall with plenty of greenery.

What can I cover exterior brick with? ›

The first and most popular option for covering a brick wall is vinyl siding. This type of material comes in a wide variety of colors, so it's easy to find something that will match your home perfectly.

Do you regret painting your brick house? ›

5 Reasons Why You'll Regret Painting Your Brick House! - YouTube

Is whitewashing brick out of style? ›

Whitewashing brick is very quickly going out of style. Most whitewashed fireplaces look half done. In this particular picture, the fireplace started out with some pretty grey brick, and the painter did a really good job covering everything evenly without leaving streaks. Lots of whitewash jobs don't turn out this good.

What is the best paint for brick house? ›

The short answer: acrylic! Acrylic latex paints are the best to use for painted brick because they're more flexible than oil-based paints but they're still very durable.

How do you make the front of your house look prettier? ›

  1. Replace your front door. (Image credit: TBC) ...
  2. Upgrade your key door furniture. (Image credit: TBC) ...
  3. Add some extra finishing touches. (Image credit: TBC) ...
  4. Consider your external lighting. (Image credit: TBC) ...
  5. Paint your front door. ...
  6. Tame your lawn and perfect your planting. ...
  7. Build on a porch.
12 Apr 2019

What colors make a house look bigger outside? ›

Choose light colors

Making the exterior of your home a light color is the best way to make your home look larger, brighter, and more inviting. Light colors such as white, ivory, pale gray, and sage green reflect higher amounts of light than dark colors, tricking the eye into perceiving the home as larger than it is.

How do you modernize a 20 year old house? ›

10 Ways to Make an Old Home Feel New
  1. Clean or Replace Carpets.
  2. Make it Cohesive.
  3. Update Outlets, Light Switches and Plates.
  4. Repair Walls.
  5. Add Light.
  6. Paint.
  7. Remove Dated Fixtures.
  8. New Doors.

What color compliments well with red? ›

Colours that go well with red

Primary red works well with yellow, white, tawny-orange, green, blue and black. Tomato red works well with cyan, mint green, sand, creamy-white, and grey. Cherry red works well with azure, grey, light-orange, sandy, pale-yellow, and beige.

What materials go well with red brick? ›

It will beautifully blend with white, natural wood, and furniture with both modern and classic forms. Glazed structural clinker in the shape of rectangular bricks adds a warm glow to both the elevation and the interiors of the house.

Should you paint over red brick? ›

Should you paint your brick house? Yes, as long as you realize that this process can't be reversed. You can repaint and change the color down the road, but there's no going back to unpainted brick.

What do you do if you can't match brick? ›

If it doesn't match your original brick, you can stain it the right color. Make sure your brick is absorbent (you can find out with a simple water test) and use a proven masonry stain system. This will take more work than usual, but it will make your matching bricks look the same as the original bricks.

How do you modernize a brick floor? ›

How to Cover Brick Floors to Update Your Space
  1. 1 Prep the brick with an acid cleaner.
  2. 2 Seal your brick floors to give them a shine.
  3. 3 Whitewash the brick for a subtle change.
  4. 4 Paint the brick to dramatically change the look.
  5. 5 Use masonry stain to change the color without losing the look of brick.

How do you soften the look of brick? ›

Plant the Edges of a Brick Home – When looking at the front of a brick home, it often looks very angular. In order to soften the home's look, it is important to plant the edges. A loose large flowering hydrangea or evergreen shrub planted on the corner of the home softens the hard lines a bit.

What are the Popular front door colors for 2022? ›

It's black that's set to be the most popular front door color of 2022 with blue and green also favored. Some 56 per cent of experts surveyed for the Fixr (opens in new tab) paint and color trends 2022 report agreed that black will be the most popular front door color choice in 2022.

What is the luckiest front door colour? ›

Red is probably the most popular color for a feng shui-inspired front door. In feng shui, red represents good luck, protection, and fire energy.

What color front door adds the most value? ›

Slate blue, a chalky light blue-gray color, received the top overall score with buyers. The majority of recent and prospective buyers liked homes with a front door this color and would likely buy it. They'd also be willing to offer an estimated $1,537 more for a home with a slate blue door.

What color flowers go with red brick? ›

Bluish-toned red bricks may look purple, burgundy, dark red or pinkish. Complement them with plants that flower in tones of pink, violet, purple or magenta. Foliage colors that work well incorporate gray, blue, silver or white.

What white goes with red brick? ›

Tips for Paint Color Palettes with Red Brick

Keep your whites creamy with brick. Consider a warm off-white such as SW Alabaster or a very light greige such as SW Shoji White. It will look white outside. A clean or crisp white will look harsh.

Does Teal go with red brick? ›

Striking complements. For the more adventurous, teal and jade provide a less expected complement to red brick. With these colors, you'll need the right shade to suit your brick's unique hue, or you won't pull off the look.

What color of brick is timeless? ›

Timeless, classic red bricks. Red is the most traditional color of brick and is ideal for traditional architecture such as colonial style homes. Red brick are extremely versatile too, and can be used on towering city office buildings and sports stadiums.

What color roof goes best with a brick house? ›

The color of shingles on the wall should complement the brick, just like shingles on a roof. A home with warm red brick with orange undertones matches well with a similar warm-orange color shingle. Other color options include warm-green shingles with yellow, brown, and tan undertones.

What color sells the most houses? ›

As for the rest of your house, cool and neutral wall colors are a big hit with buyers overall. Light blue bathrooms and taupe-colored living rooms were especially popular in homes that sold for more money. Meanwhile, homes with dark red- or brown-colored walls sold for as much as $2,310 less than expected.

Is red brick warm or cool? ›

Red brick can be warm with tones that lean towards rust or terracotta. They may also be cool and be closer to burgundy.

Are bricks outdated? ›

While brick is no longer used for structural support, it offers a home more than a pretty face! Brick homes are fire-resistant and will often have lower homeowner's insurance premiums.

Why red bricks are better? ›

Red bricks create a very little amount of waste and produce less environmental pollution, hence they are eco-friendly and degrade completely. The compressive strength of a red brick is good enough for any ordinary construction. Red bricks are highly fire resistant and easily reusable and recyclable.

Which is better white brick or red brick? ›

Generally, cement bricks have higher compressive strength compared to red bricks. This is primarily due to the way concrete bricks are manufactured and the materials that are being used. That's why cement bricks are mostly used in high-rise buildings as these structures will require higher concrete strength.

Which brick pattern is the strongest? ›

The strongest of the patterns is the herringbone. It can be laid at a 45 or 90 degree angle. The pattern has many angles that can be described as energetic, and can truly engage your visitors as they make their way to the entrance of your home.

How do you make a faded red brick look new? ›

Faded red brick walls can be restored to a deeper, richer red color by cleaning the brick and applying a clear-coat product specifically designed for brick. Both indoor and outdoor red brick walls can benefit from this type of procedure. Clear-coat products add a gloss to the brick that helps deepen its color.

Should you paint over red brick? ›

Should you paint your brick house? Yes, as long as you realize that this process can't be reversed. You can repaint and change the color down the road, but there's no going back to unpainted brick.

Do you regret painting your brick house? ›

5 Reasons Why You'll Regret Painting Your Brick House! - YouTube

How can I make my exterior brick look new? ›

Bleach (For Mold, Mildew, and Moss): A bleach mixture is ideal for removing mold, mildew, and moss from exterior brick walls. Combine a tablespoon of bleach with a gallon of warm water in a bucket, then apply the bleach with a sponge to the brick. Use a scrub to tackle hard-to-reach areas or difficult stains.

Does new brick change color over time? ›

Usually the color change will be from darker to lighter. This process will normally occur within 3-6 months after construction. The color change is caused by the chemical reaction of the brick coating with elements in the atmosphere and in rain water.

Is whitewashing brick out of style? ›

Whitewashing brick is very quickly going out of style. Most whitewashed fireplaces look half done. In this particular picture, the fireplace started out with some pretty grey brick, and the painter did a really good job covering everything evenly without leaving streaks. Lots of whitewash jobs don't turn out this good.

What is the best color to paint a brick house? ›

What is the best color to paint a brick house? The best exterior paint colors for brick homes are creamy whites like Alabaster (SW 7008) from Sherwin-Williams and off-whites with grey undertones like Sea Pearl (OC-19) by Benjamin Moore. Darker brick colors like Onyx by PPG are also trending in 2021.

Is it better to paint or stain a brick house? ›

Brick Staining

This not only allows you to keep the original texture of the surface, but also maintains airflow, which in turn releases moisture. Essentially, unlike paint—which simply covers the wall and all its blemishes—stains act as dyes that keep the original appearance of the brick and only changes the color.

What color can you paint red brick? ›

Some of our favorite colors to pair with red brick are Jogging Path SW 7638, Row House Tan SW 7689, Granite Peak SW 6250, Retreat SW 6207, Acier SW 9170, Dovetail SW 7018, and Rushing River SW 7746. You can see that all of these colors are muted and earthy which makes them perfect options for red brick.

How often does a brick house need to be repainted? ›

The Brick Industry Association says to expect to repaint every three to five years. This would be especially true for lower-quality paints. A key to having longer durability with your paint is proper preparation of the brick surface. The brick should be dry before being painted.

What are the cons to painting brick? ›

Painting Exterior Brick: Potential Cons to Consider
  • Painted brick is permanent. After you paint your brick house, you can't go back to its original brick exterior. ...
  • Moisture can cause paint to chip. ...
  • You may need to clean your house exterior more often.
7 Dec 2020

Is whitewashing brick a good idea? ›

It is an excellent way to use any leftover paint you may have for a small, indoor project. However, it wouldn't be ideal for a large brick exterior area because whitewash is more expensive than limewash. Additionally, it doesn't soak into the brick in quite the same way.

Can you stain red brick GREY? ›

Changing brick color is feasible because bricks are porous and readily soak up stains and tints. Because older red brick walls may be discolored from years of weathering or prior layers of masonry sealer, any new stain application may dry with some color variations.

Does vinegar damage red brick? ›

Never use vinegar on any kind of paver, brick, flagstone or concrete; it WILL damage the surface.


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