Air Conditioner Recycling Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (2023)

How do you recylce an AC unit? Does anyone pay money for a junk unit. Recycling air conditioners is critical because they contain reusable materials as well as hazardous chemicals that need proper handling. When you recycle an AC unit, you are diverting waste from the landfill and helping to reduce energy consumption. Below I will discuss frequently asked questions about recycling an AC unit like where to recycle one, how much it’s worth in scrap, and how the recycling process works. I’ll also share my experience with air conditioner recycling near me.

Air Conditioner Recycling Near Me

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How Are Air Conditioners Recycled Near Me?

Recycling an air conditioner unit is a multi-step process that can be difficult for some homeowners to complete on their own. It has many benefits for both businesses and our environment!

The first step in recycling an old AC unit system is determining what type it is. Each one should have its own disposal method depending on which chemicals were used during manufacturing. For example, units containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) should never go into a landfill due to environmental concerns. They should always be handled by professionals who know how to handle these types of hazardous materials.

Many units also have a refrigerant inside, which can be a harmful chemical if it is not correctly disposed of because it was used to make the air conditioner function efficiently. If you are unsure about what type of unit you own, take another look at the sticker that displays recycling directions. An arrow should indicate which way the unit should be facing when you recycle it.

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Can I Put An Air Conditioner On The Curb For Trash Pickup?

This is a question we often receive from homeowners. Unfortunately, the answer to this question can be complex and depends on several factors such as: whether or not you live in a city that has specific laws about air conditioners; if your municipality recycles other metals like aluminum cans or steel oil drums. If you do have curbside recycling available, it may also depend on what type of refrigerant was used inside the unit.

Some cities will accept non-CFC emitting units because they contain other types of refrigerants which are environmentally safe, whereas many municipalities only recycle CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) due to environmental concerns regarding ozone depletion.

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Where to Find Air Conditioner Recycling Near Me?

If you have an old window unit air conditioner that you need to get rid of, don’t just throw it in the trash! There are many ways to recycle your AC unit, depending on where you live. Here are a few options:

Recycling Centers

Your local recycling center may accept air conditioners for recycling. Contact your local recycling center to find out if they offer this service and what kind of AC units they can recycle. Some recycling centers will only accept certain types of AC units, so be sure to check before taking yours there.

City Sponsored Appliance Collection

Some cities or towns have special collections for large appliances like window unit air conditioners. Contact your city or town hall to see if they offer this service and find out how to participate.

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Appliance Retailers

Some appliance retailers offer recycling programs for old appliances. Contact your local retailer to find out if they have a recycling program and what kind of AC units are accepted.

Appliance Salvage Yards

Appliance salvages are graveyards for old appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washer dryers, and air conditioners. Whether you have a small window AC unit or a large commercial one, an appliance salvage can be a good solution.

Scrap Metal Yards

Scrap metal yards in most cases will take an AC unit of any size if the hazardous chemicals have been drained. They may even pay you for the scrap metal.


If all else fails, you can always donate your air conditioner to a charity or organization that accepts large donations. Contact the charity or organization to see if they take AC units and for their specific requirements.

Can I Sell a Used Air Conditioner For Scrap Metal?

The short answer is yes. Air conditioning units can be sold for scrap. However, it is important to take precautions before selling an AC unit, especially if you live in a state requiring scrap metal sellers to be licensed and bonded.

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If the air conditioner has been opened or had its copper tubing removed, then it’s definitely eligible for sale as scrap metal. Those parts are not made with any precious metals. The outside case can also be recycled as long as there are no hazardous materials used on the insulation inside the casing walls. It also can not have lead-based paint. Lead was commonly found in older homes when they were banned from being sprayed on exterior surfaces after concerns about children ingesting old paint chips.

How Much Is An Air Conditioner Worth in Scrap Metal?

The scrap metal value of an air conditioner depends on the weight and original market price. Depending on its size and other specifications, it may be worth some money as scrap metal. For a window AC unit you can expect about $4 to $6.

Do Landfills Accept Air Conditioners?

Landfills typically do not accept air conditioning units. While they may contain materials that can be recycled or reused, most of the units require extensive processing and handling to do so. In addition, many components in older air conditioners are made with toxic chemicals like mercury and refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These chemicals cause environmental damage when released into the atmosphere.

Many landfills are not equipped to handle the processing necessary for air conditioning recycling. Many older units contain hazardous materials, so they should be handled with care. Air conditioners can also pose physical dangers when placed in a landfill due to sharp edges and the heavyweight of other components. For example metal coils which can puncture trash bags or break through protective liners.

Do I Have To Pay to Recycle An Air Conditioner?

An air conditioning unit is large, and it can be challenging to find a place for disposal. However, if you don’t have an option when selling your old AC, there are places where you can recycle at no cost! In fact, most recycling centers will pay YOU for bringing them your old AC unit.

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Additionally, recycling your AC is good for the environment. By keeping these large appliances out of landfills, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve our planet.

The trade off where you may need to pay for recycling is when you can;t drop it off. If you have a larger AC unit and have no way to transprt it, you can call a junk removal service. The haul away service that does air conditioner recycling near me, will charge you by how many sq/ft the unit occupies of the truck.

What Parts Of An Air Conditioner Can Be Recycled?

The condensers and other components can be recycled. This makes it worth your while to check with local recyclers about these options if you have an older unit. Though some states have outlawed the recycling of air conditioners, many recyclers will still take them. They can also recycle the metal and other materials in the unit. However, it is essential to ensure that all liquids and refrigerants are drained from the unit before taking it to a recycler.

Air Conditioner Recycling Near Me – Conclusion

An air conditioner has many reusable and recyclable parts. You have lots options for recycling such as donating, selling, recycling facilities, and appliance salvage yards. Since you can sell it for scrap metal that is probably the best option.

If your AC unit does not meet the criteria for sale as scrap metal, there are other options. For example, many municipalities have special days each year when residents can bring large appliances like air conditioners. They will feature a designated location and have them recycled free of charge. Some recycling centers also accept these types of appliances but may charge a small fee.

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Sincet landfills don’t take AC units, you must explore the alternatives. This is what I have learned from recycling air conditioners near me.


How do you scrap an old air conditioner? ›

Scrapping an AC Unit with Mike the Scrapper - YouTube

What is recycling air conditioner? ›

To recycle the air conditioner, you only have to take it to a recycling factory or scrap yard. Choose a scrap yard that will handle the dismantling for you. Ask whether the service is available so that you do not have to take the components apart on your own or hire another person to do it.

Does air con recycle air? ›

The benefits of the air-recirculation button

The air-recirculation function ensures your AC works to the optimum level, allowing your vehicle to get as cold as possible as quickly as possible.

How do I dispose of an air conditioner in CT? ›

Contact your local utility company to see if they will accept your old air conditioner for proper disposal.

How much copper is in an old air conditioner? ›

From disassembling one average air conditioner, you can expect to have about two pounds of copper wire, three to five pounds of #2 tubing, 10 pounds of steel, 15 to 20 pounds in the sealed unit, five pounds in the electric motor, two pounds in the power supply, and around 10 pounds of clean ACRs.

How much is an AC coil worth? ›

An AC coil replacement cost ranges between $600 and $2,000, with national average evaporator coil prices around $1,350, fully installed.

How do I dispose of an air conditioner near me? ›

Consult Your Local Disposal Agency

Often, your local sanitation department would also be in the loop as to how to dispose of old air conditioners. They could have a separate air conditioner disposal area dedicated specifically for this job, and have qualified technicians and staff for it.

Are old air conditioners worth anything? ›

According to the All Quality Heating, Air and Refrigeration website, “one AC coil could fetch between $50 to $100 in copper.” This is because “recyclers on average pay 90 percent of the new copper price, or more than $3 a pound for scrap." Copper is not the only valuable metal found in a heating or cooling unit.

What can I do with an old window air conditioner? ›

Often, your local transfer station will also allow you to dispose of an old window air conditioner. This is often at the same location as a landfill, but may be separate from it. They could have a special disposal area dedicated specifically for any appliance containing refrigerants.

How do you get copper out of an air conditioner? ›

How to Scrap an Air Conditioner legally for copper and ... - YouTube

How much copper is in a window unit air conditioner? ›

#2 copper tubing – 3-5lbs. Steel – 8-12lbs. Sealed Unit – 15-20lbs.

Do air conditioners have copper in them? ›

Most radiators in air conditioners are copper-aluminum. , i.e. they have aluminum fins with copper tubes. Larger AC unit has a larger radiator which is more valuable.

How do you break down a window air conditioner for scrap? ›

Scrapping a Window Air Conditioner (AC Unit) - YouTube


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