Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (2022)

Now, just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to an AR somebody comes up with something completely new. Now, until now we have either direct impingement or piston. Now, Foxtrot Mike just released their FM-15 which is technically direct impingement but it’s sort of a combo of the DI and the piston. Now, again it is a DI system but it doesn’t use the buffer tube, it’s all contained in the receiver, ok, no buffer tube so and I show you up close it’s all contained in there like the piston so, you know, I guess for me I kind of consider that a combination, you know, piston slash direct impingement at least as far as the buffer tube goes.

Now, it does have a 4-position side charging handle completely ambidextrous, I can point this up-down, I can flip it to the other side, this is other than the ejection port is completely ambidextrous safety. From what I know and have seen this is a completely new design, only real question is how does it perform. Let’s find out, check this out.

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Ok, before I get too crazy, start mounting stuff on here and shooting and banging let’s check out the specs and tech, show you what features it has, we’ll do an up close, I’ll show you kind of some of the stuff that I was talking about and then we’ll go from there.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25" FM15 Specs and Tech

  • 41V50 Match Barrel, 6 groove 1:8
  • Ambi Safety Switch
  • Flared Mag Well
  • Round Cam Pin
  • Pinned Gas Block (2 pins)
  • Keyed/Interlocking feature between gas block and barrel
  • Machined flats near barrel extension for torquing barrel extension
  • 4 position non-reciprocating Ambi Charging handle
  • Proprietary folding stock adapter (built in)
  • Integrated recoil system, low mass, light recoil

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We’re just gonna run through this from front to back. Now, we got our standard bird cage flash suppressor , it comes with pop-up sights, they’re nice. The charging handle here is on a rod and right in there it is helpful to put a little grease or oil down there and that just keeps this working really smooth. Now, we can take this out, ok, we loosen that out, this comes out, we can turn it so that’s it’s facing down or we can put it on the other side so that gives us 4 different positions to work with this. This is really about the only thing that we need to, you know, make sure and keep lubed, ok, got the standard bolt release, we do have an Ambi safety slash fire select, it’s the same on both sides. Ok, and then they have their own proprietary folding stock adapter, like most of them you just push up, it does not open to the back so, as I said, everything is self-contained in here . Then to break down, ok, just push that pin, this opens up. You don’t have a charging handle. Right back here we’ve got a spring pin, we’re just gonna push in on that and this is gonna slide down and then all of this pulls out.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (3)

Ok, I’m to have an Allen wrench here, you just have to push in so far and then keep your finger over here because the spring is gonna want to fling out of there and then we just have the springs and the guide rod and then the bolt, this is dirty, this is the BCG, ok, and then it’s gonna take apart as far as, you know, taking out the pin and actual bolt just like a regular AR. We slide that back in. Ok, now to get it back in I found it easiest just kind of start this and then just push this it, get lined up there and that goes up then this goes back in. We’re good to go!

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Now, in this review the bulk of the ammo that I’m going to be using is a new company Sergeant Major munition, special thanks to them. We’ve got a range friendly Tula manufactured, it’s created for indoor ranges using a clean, cleaner burning powder from Serbia, it’s self-lubricating zinc-plated steel case and a non-magnetic brass jacketed bullet. Now, each round is supposedly hand-inspected and every lot is velocity and pressure tested. We’ll find out how well it does with that. Typically, you know, the lacquered or the polymer steel case sometimes has hang-ups, let’s see how this does anyway special thanks to them for providing the ammunition and we’re gonna get to test the ammunition too and see how accurate it is.

(Video) Foxtrot Mike 11.25" FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR

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Now, this is definitely a unique AR, different than anything else that I have shot thus fat. What I wanna do is to put an Aimpoint Duty RDS red dot on it and get it zeroed at 50 yards and go from there.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (6)

Any more these days for the zeroing and the barrel seasoning breaking in I usually don’t do the video anymore but I’m doing the Foxtrot Mike here with the Aim optic and I’m using some Hornady Black. Special thanks to Hornady for supplying this. The reason I wanted to break into barrel I wanted to use quality ammo to do that seasoning anyway I just shot a three-shot group on the second seasoning, you got to check this out. Search Engine Results

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(Video) Foxtrot Mike FM-15 11.5” Pistol Review

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I’m actually seasoning 3 different barrels, all at the same time and it kind of dialing in a couple, you know, I’ve got some 9 mill here. I did a 2.23 here and then I went seasoning the barrel and they came back. That’s the group! That’s the group that I shot!

With the Hornady in the Foxtrot Mike on the second round of seasoning so their shot one, made the adjustments and cleaned and polished the barrel, I think I might have had one other one somewhere anyway that was the second group. I’m anxious to dial this down and continue seasoning and see what we can do with this gun.

I’m done sighting in the aim point. That’s a five shot group guys, five shots that is awesome. There’s another one, you know, that’s using my Hornady with the Aimpoint, I could not be happier, I’m, you know, seasoned in enough now it’s time to start banging on some steel.

Let’s try 200 over there across the dam.

Ok, I don’t know which one I like more, the Aimpoint or the Foxtrot Mike but that is just fun. Ok, got the Sergeant Major in there, let’s just see how we can do at 200 with the Aimpoint.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (7)

You gotta get used to the side charging handle, I keep going back here to grab it and there’s nothing there. Let’s just see how fast we can get these off on target.

(Video) Review of The New Foxtrot Mike FM-15 Gen 2 11.25 inch Upper from AIM Surplus

You gotta slow down because you’re not gonna hear the thing because the second rounds are already going. Let’s reload and see how we can do it at 300.

All right, I was kind of dropping, I was aiming a little high and then I started thinking that it was centered and dropped it, might try that again but we’re also gonna reach up there and see what we can do at 400. Says a lot for a red dot, it’s gotta be crisp and clean because if you get that dot separation at three and four hundred yards you’re gonna be really struggling to hit the IDPA.

Ok, this is probably gonna be pushing it with a red dot but I wanna reach up there at 400. Later on I’m probably gonna swap these out and put a scope on here just so we can see what we can do with this Foxtrot Mike. This is using the Sergeant Major munition at 400, let’s see what we can do.

All right, you now I gotta try five!

I got it once and that’s not bad with the red dot using even zinc-plated steel ammo, pretty impressed with that Sergeant Major ammo so far actually I want to test that in something else as well.

Ok, guys, so I’m back at CQB range and what I wanna do is some quick target transitioning with the FM-15 also I have been and I’m using Amend2 mags. I’m been having really good luck with these, this is the 30-round, I’ve used this now several times and for benching I really like the 10-round, haven’t had any feeding issues which sometime I do with the 10-rounders anyway let’s… We got the Aimpoint on here and let’s just see how fast we can transition.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (8)

That was fun and, yes, I love my job!

Ok, that was, you know, 30 rounds of Sergeant Major munitions run through my Foxtrot Mike flawless, had absolutely no issues, yeah, you know, proof is in the pudding.

Now, one thing that I do with almost every gun that I review is I season the barrel. Now, I’ve got that review on that, I called the world’s greatest barrel makers, you know, Bartlein, Krieger, Shilen and I mean a bunch of those and they all were pretty much the same and I did that with this so I seasoned this barrel one shot, clean polish, three shots, clean polish, five shots, clean polish, 10 shots, clean polish, 20 shots, clean polish and then I’ll probably jump to about a hundred. It does tighten up the groups, the videos out there on my page, you can find it.

Now, we’re gonna use the break-in the barrel even more because then I want to put more traditional scope on it, zeroed at a hundred and see what kind of groups I can get and how far I can go up that hill with the traditional scope. Sounds fun to me, let’s rock n roll!

Now, for that optic, I wanna use my AT3 Red Tail 1:6 by 24 that I reviewed some time ago, it has an outstanding reputation and it made it so easy to bang on the steel up there on top of the hill at 500.Let’s see what we can do, get that mounted and go from there.

Foxtrot Mike 11.25 inches FM15 - Internally Contained DI AR (9)

(Video) Folding and Side Charging AR15: The Foxtrot Mike FM-15

Ok, so this was the initial side in with the RS, I just, I put it on, my first shot was here and I came over and dialed. There’s three shots, the last three shots right there, jumped over here just to double check again before we went to steel.

Ok, so zeroing in was the Sergeant Major munitions, you know, started up here brought it down, you know, getting the, ok this was kind of the last group and, you know, for range ammo with that that’s not bad.

We’re gonna test that at 500 yards. I dropped it down a little bit.

This is the Hornady the 62 grain full metal jacket, I’m telling you man, I like this stuff. That is a nice group, I dropped it down. I’m gonna fire a couple more, get it right here and then we’re gonna take that out to 500 and start using that bullet drop compensator and that Red Tail and I’m feeling really good about this.

Ok, so I got it zeroed, using the Hornady Black 62 grain full metal jacket. I’ve been having great, great luck with this.

We’re gonna drop down to 400, I think we’ll be able to hear the ting a little bit better.

There we go.

Ok, we’re gonna try the Sergeant Major munition here, let’s go 400. Let’s try five.

Nice, pretty sure we were hitting that. Try a few more. I’ll just show you 300, 300 is gonna be, I’m guessing, really easy, let’s just…

That, you know, that works.

Ok, add one, get stuck there in the chamber. Let’s try this again. We’re gonna see how fast I can get them on 400.

There it is guys, it is what it is, you decide what you think. I hope you enjoyed the video, found it helpful. If you did come support my channel, come check me out on Beyond Seclusion on Youtube. I review everything, optics, lasers, lights, triggers, ammunition, you name it anyway until next time on happy shooting, educate our young people to shooting and gun safety, be a safe and responsible gun owner.


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