High-End Luxury Metal Chess Sets Designed Perfectly For You! (2022)

Metallic Chess Set That Will Suit Your Needs & Preferences

Metallic chess sets have something special about them that sets them apart from glass, wooden and plastic sets. Their impressive and solid look of the chess sets will surely please your heart and eyes. At Royal Chess Mall, we offer stylish and gorgeous chess sets that you won't find anywhere else. Our designers prepare a unique, high quality and beautiful chess set for those who love modern as well as traditional designs. When placed in a room, the metal chess set can exude luxury and add value to your space. Be sure to have a look at our chess sets to know why we are counted among the best chess sellers.

Features Of Metal Chess Sets Available At Royal Chess Mall

Whether you're looking for a large and weighty set or you wish for a small and light weight set, all you need to do is check out the beautiful collection at Royal Chess Mall. We carve high quality metal chess sets for sale that are not only made from the finest quality material but also come at affordable prices.

  • Elegant Metal Chess Sets One of the best features of the metal chess sets for sale available at our store is their elegant, shiny and stylish look. Our painstaking level of artisans use a high level of manufacturing and crafting skills to prepare sets that have the capability to stand out from the crowd. The Italian-made chess pieces have fundamental qualities and will keep shiny and luxurious when placed at your home or office.
  • Last For Years To Come Nowadays, it's quite hard to buy quality items that last long. This is why Royal Chess Mall offers top-notch chess set designs that are built to last. Once you've bought our metallic chess set, you can rest easy knowing that you can admire the fine detailing for generations. Our craftsmen are a team of highly skilled and experienced people who know how to create bespoke designs and outstanding quality.
  • 30 Years Of Craftsmanship Royal Chess Mall is a proud team with 30 years of domain experience. We know how to create effective chess set designs using traditional manufacturing processes. Cast metal chess sets are prepared by pouring molten hot brass or nickel into the casts. It is then left overnight and then the craftsmen ensure that you get the top-notch results after the casting.
  • Having worked for 30 years in the industry and offering a wide range of products, we are here to help you with the best metal chess set that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Unique Types Of Metal Chess Sets Available At Our Chess Store

We know you're looking for something special that belongs individually to you. This is why we offer a wide range of metal chess sets that are made with fine detailing and using premium quality materials. Let's have a look at the two major types of metal chess sets available at Royal Chess Mall.

  • Pewter Chess Sets Its origin dates back to the Civil War era and is considered to be one of the most classic metal chess pieces in the market. The best part about the chess sets is they don't require any additional weighing due to their heavy weight. We, at Royal Chess Mall, club Pewter and brass metal to prepare high-end luxury chess sets. Pewter is used to carve the black army, whereas brass is used for the white pieces. If you're looking to buy a pewter and antique brass chess set, be sure you browse through the collection of our chess sets.
  • Gold and Silver Polished Chess Sets Many customers prefer the Gold and Silver Polished chess sets that are formed using durable yet less expensive metal but plated with gold or silver. This way they hold the shine and luxury look of gold while maintaining the durability of the set. Even though there are solid gold sets available, they're used only for decoration purposes and as a status symbol.
  • We have multiple other metal chess sets with storage that will surely end your hunt for the best metal chess set.

Why Trust Royal Chess Mall To Shop For Metal Chess Sets?

Royal Chess Mall understands that it's hard to settle on one metal chess set. That is why we've a chess store where you can get some of the best chess options to choose from. To make your hassle extra easy, we divide our metal chess sets on the basis of materials, size, price and more. Still have questions on why you need to trust us? Here are your answers!

  • Decades of experience in delivering top-notch products to our customers.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers who speak volumes about our work and products.
  • Unmatchable quality and unbeatable prices that sets us apart from the crowd.

So, search today and get ready to secure a metal chess set for sale that reflects your taste and style.

Still Waiting? Buy Metal Chess Set From Royal Chess Mall Today

Whether you're a professional chess player, a beginner, or a chess collector, we've got the perfect antique, vintage, roman or modern metal chess set for your needs. We can help you with the best chess sets that you won't regret buying. Besides chess sets, we offer gorgeous, stunning and unique metal chess pieces that you'll love to own. Feel free to get in touch with our team today and let us find out the best chess set for you. Get in touch with our team or scroll through the collection of high-end luxury metal chess sets.

Let customers speak for us

from 1343 reviews

Chess Pieces set Crafstman

This set of Craftsman chess pieces is spectacular as a whole, highlighting the knights for their elegance. The craftsman really did a very good job with this game. Congratulations.

Gerardo Franco Franco


Slightly Imperfect 3.9" Craftsman Knight Staunton Chess Pieces Only set - Triple Weighted Golden Rosewood

Awesome chess set!

This chess set was stunning, and surpassed the pictures. On top of that, it was delivered with care even though it came such a long way. From India to the US.

Ian Jackson


Beautiful chess

This set is incrieble

Alvaro De Jesus Hernandez Martinez


Beautiful chess set

The chess set was beautiful and the perfect size for our table. We really appreciated how well they were wrapped for safe shipping.

4.2" American Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only Set-Hand Carved Weighted Boxwood

Wonderful set

The pieces are beautiful and well made. A timeless chess set.

David Bailey


1933 Botvinnik Flohr-I Soviet Chess Pieces Only Set -Ebonised Boxwood- 3.6" King

Absolute craftsmen

Great quality products, easy to contact and fast shipping from India to Australia.

Simon Day


Leatherette Coffer Storage Box for Chess Pieces - 3.5" to 4.1" chessmen -with tray

Excellent quality and nice size for travel

Now I need to find a carting case to protect it.

Kurt Godwin


A better Dubrovnik 1950s chess set than the original?

This Dubrovnik replica is now my preferred set to play, study, and analysis. It has adequate size, the right weight, and the best design. The size is not too large nor small, just the standard FIDE with proper proportions between the pieces and pawns. The weight is over 1 Kg, just the right amount to not move on the board and to be comfortable while relocating the pieces (remember that the original was unweighted). I like the size of the knights and the rooks in this set that are chunkier than other similar repros. The best feature is, of course, the design. The Dubrovnik set is one of those sets with historical value. Having one is like having a piece of history. Chess had a part in the cold war, and this set was in the middle of its ending. There are many repros around, and some are claimed to be the best overall. Dubrovnik 50s is a faithful repro of the original 1950s chess set, with only minor variances.

Considering that an artist designed the original Dubrovnik, the artisans that made this improved design improved is impressive. For example, a minor variation on the knights makes them look even better than the original. Yes, that's right, the originals had a dog face from the front (front-facing eyes), while the knights in this set look like horses' heads from any angle (side-facing eyes). On the historical side, there is some controversy on what Dubrovnik's version Mr. Fischer named his favorite. Listening to the recording, he was talking about the 1950s, which is why it was called Fischer Dubrovnik. In any case, the 1970s repros have cartoonish knights instead of classic-looking ones. This set is now my endgame, and my small collection will go on sale. I no longer need any other chess set; this Fischer Dubrovnik would be my companion and outlive me.

Eric Huerta


Beautiful set

Beautiful pieces

Christopher Law


Christos Stamatoukos


1970s' Dubrovnik Chess Pieces Only Set- Triple Weighted Ebony Wood - 3.8" King

Happy customer

Excellent quality, superb

Dylan Bayliss


3.9" Lessing Chess Pieces

Thank you for sending a beautiful chess set. Well packed and all the pieces individually wrapped. No damage. The pieces are nicely weighted and the carving excellent...especially for the price. Quality wood of boxwood and ebony and the shipment took only 6 days, which I consider commendable. Giving a thanks to your talented craftsmen for a job well done! It was a pleasure doing business with you.




The board is beautiful, Just what I wanted, Well worth the money........A+A+A+A+



Set Crafstman 3.9"

The Craftsman set is overall spectacular. The horse has a very elegant design and is laboriously made, denoting dedication and care. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Gerardo Franco Franco


3.9" Craftsman Knight Staunton Chess Pieces Only set - Triple Weighted Sheesham Wood - Warehouse Clearance - USA Shipping Only

Travel 2 in 1 chess and backgammon set

Arrived in good time and was really impressed with the quality of the whole set, absolutely lovely. Bought for my son for this Christmas so will have a very happy boy!

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