How Much do Walkers Cost? [2022 PRICE GUIDE] (2022)

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Whether it be due to joint pains, balance problems, fatigue, or any other condition, mobility can be a significant issue for many of us as we age. Thankfully, a walker or a rollator can significantly enhance your ability to get up and move around. Walkers are highly useful mobility aids specifically designed to aid people who need extra support and stability as they walk. However, walkers, like all mobility aids, have a price, which leads to the question:

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How much does a walker cost?

Typically, a standard walker can cost as little as $30 and as much as $100. Durable two-wheel and folding walkers are priced from around $50 to $250. Rollator walkers are more expensive, with budget models priced from about $70 and premium models costing as much as $600.

Of course, this is only the short answer. In reality, the cost of the walker that will suit you best will depend upon a wide range of considerations. Factors such as ultra-light frames, style, foldability, and other special features are a considerable price determinant for all walkers. That said, if you have simple needs and want a basic, standard walker, we suggest a budget of $60 should get you one of reasonable quality and durability.

However, if you’re looking for a lightweight model, a walker with a seat, or one that has a higher weight capacity, there are several things you need to consider. Here we outline those considerations, explain the different types of walkers available and how much they generally cost and discuss other factors that impact a walker’s price.

The Usual Costs of Different Types of Walkers

Type of WalkerTypical Price-Range
Standard Walker$30.00-$100.00
2-Wheeled Walker$50.00-$250.00
3-Wheeled Rollator Walker$70.00-$500.00
4-Wheeled Rollator Walker$80.00-$600.00
Knee Walker/Scooter$60.00-$200.00

All walkers can be categorized under three distinctive types available on the current market, namely: standard walkers, wheeled walkers, or rollator walkers.

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1. Traditional/Standard Walkers

If you are tight on cash or you only need a walker for a short period, then a standard walker is generally the best option. Standard walkers are the most common choice among budget-conscious individuals, or people looking for something simple, as they can cost from as low as $30.

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In terms of design, standard walkers have a unique U-shaped frame that is designed to create greater clearance – allowing for ease of movement, alongside balance and support.

However, because traditional walkers require the user to manually lift the device to move, they are best used primarily for short distances. They are also a great choice if you only intend to use your walker indoors.

Please Note:Some standard walkers are foldable, making them easier to travel with and store. However, a walker with a foldable frame will usually cost more, with prices above $100 being standard.

2. Wheeled Walkers

While traditional walkers have no wheels and function with all four legs on the ground, wheeled walkers typically feature two front wheels. These wheels make it easier to move the device while tending to sacrifice some amount of balance and support in exchange. The cost of a standard two-wheel walker can start as low as $50 and go as high as $250.

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Unlike standard models, two-wheeled walkers are an excellent choice for outdoor use as they are easier to maneuver across rough surfaces and uneven terrains. However, as mentioned above, if you suffer from balance issues – the decreased stability that comes with wheels might not be worth the benefits.

That said, it’s worth noting that most wheeled models come with wheel locks thatdogo some way to mitigating any stability issues. So, if balance is not amajorissue for you and you want a walker that is easier to operate, a wheeled model can be a great choice. But of course, it’s important to remember that they generally cost more than models without wheels.

Features to Look Out For When Budgeting for a Walker

  • Padded, comfortable, hand grips
  • Firm and sturdy ground grips on all four walker legs
  • A durable and robust frame made from a lightweight material
  • Adjustable height handles

3. Rollator Walkers

If two wheels still aren’t enough for you, you may want to consider joining one of the many people opting to use a rollator instead! Rollators are another type of walker that have only wheels touching the ground, rather than static legs. There are two main types of rollators, and both types tend to cost a fair bit more than the previously discussed styles:

Three-Wheeled Rollator Walkers

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Three-wheeled rollators are usually narrow models designed to offer extra independence to those suffering mobility issues that desire smooth movement in tight spaces. They are easier to use than standard lift and push walkers because the frame only requires pushing, without the lifting. They have three strategically placed wheels (two wheels at the back and one at the front) that enable the user to navigate with ease.

However, three-wheeled rollators can be pricey, with popular models ranging from $70 up to $500 for feature-packed, custom-designed, options.

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They are best suited for people who need some added balance and support but not the full support offered by a four-wheeled rollator. By design, most of these models are lightweight and portable; making them quite convenient to use both outdoorsandindoors.

Four-Wheeled Rollator Walkers

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Four-wheeled rollator walkers are perhaps the most popular model of the walker on the market, despite their relatively steeper prices. They provide full support to anyone who wishes to maintain their mobility and independence without strenuous effort. With wide bases, four points of contact with the ground, and often a seat and backrest, they are a full-featured choice. Four-wheeled rollators make it very easy for any user to move around smoothly and efficiently while taking breaks as necessary.

In terms of price, good quality four-wheeled rollators can range in price anywhere from $80 for a cheap model up to over $600, depending on the specific features and requirements a user needs and has.

Of course, with 4 wheels, a rollator walker will never feel as stable as a 2-wheel or standard walker. The brakes can be locked, but sometimes this won’t be enough to ensure the user feels safe, especially if they have balance or dexterity issues.

Features to Look Out For When Budgeting for a Rollator Walker

  • Brakes that lock
  • Larger sized wheels for handling a greater variety of terrains
  • Adjustable height handles
  • A durable but lightweight frame
  • Comfortable hand brakes
  • Secure fold-up system for storage or transport

Recommended Walkers

Editor's PicksWalkerRating
1. Best Overall Walker for SeniorsNOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker4.6/5
2. Best Lightweight WalkerHugo Mobility Explore Side-Fold Rollator Walker4.5/5
3. Best Narrow WalkerNOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker4.5/5
4. Best Budget PickLumex Walkabout Lite Rollator4.5/5
5. Best Standard WalkerVive Folding Walker4.7/5

Final Thoughts

Aging is an inevitable part of life that we all face at some point or another. With older age comes a myriad of body issues, including balance, stability, and mobility problems, to name a few. But thankfully, these three issues are nothing a good walker can’t alleviate.

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How much a walker cost depends on the type of walker or rollator you require, the features you want, and whether the walker may be subsidized by medicare or insurance. But ultimately, you can find a reliable, high-quality model with standard features from as low as $50. If you want something better, you might need to increase your budget. However, at the end of the day, it’s hard to put a price on the freedom, independence, and quality of life improvements a good walker can bring.

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How Much do Walkers Cost? [2022 PRICE GUIDE]? ›

All walkers can be categorized under three distinctive types available on the current market, namely: standard walkers, wheeled walkers, or rollator walkers.
The Usual Costs of Different Types of Walkers.
Type of WalkerTypical Price-Range
Standard Walker$30.00-$100.00
2-Wheeled Walker$50.00-$250.00
3 more rows
Feb 14, 2022

What is the average cost of a walker? ›

How much does a walker cost? The prices for standard walkers start around $35 and can go up to around $100. Folding walkers tend to cost more. Prices for two-wheel walkers start from about $50 and can go up to about $160 depending on the model.

How much does the perfect walker cost? ›

Buying Your Perfect Walker

The Perfect Walker costs $349.

What type of walker is best for elderly? ›

The 5 Top-Rated Walkers for Seniors
Editor's PicksWalker
1. Best Overall Walker for SeniorsNOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker
2. Best Lightweight WalkerHugo Mobility Explore Side-Fold Rollator Walker
3. Best Narrow WalkerNOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker
4. Best Budget PickLumex Walkabout Lite Rollator
1 more row
Jan 5, 2022

What is the difference between a rollator and a walker? ›

What Is the Difference Between a Rolling Walker and a Rollator? Although many people confuse the two, traditional walkers and rollators are two different types of mobility aids. Traditional walkers typically have four legs and no wheels, while rollators have anywhere between two and four wheels.

Does Medicare pay for a walker with a seat? ›

Does Medicare Cover Walkers With Seats (e.g. Rollators)? Generally, yes, but you can expect to pay about $50 more than you would pay for a regular walker. A walker with a seat has wheels too and is known as a rollator. There are several types of rollators, so you will want to choose one that is specific to your needs.


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