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If you were a young boy during the 1950s, chances were you dreamed of finding a metal Tonka Truck with a bright red bow resting under the tree on Christmas morning. Due to the desire of those young and old to get their hands on a Tonka Truck of their own, by the end of the 1950s, the Tonka Toys Incorporated company was producing 400,00 toy metal bulldozers, firetrucks, semitrailer, and pickup trucks every week.

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In 1946, a company by the name ‘Mound Metalcraft’ was founded by Lynn Everett Baker, Avery F. Crounse, and Alvin F. Tesch. The Mound Metalcraft companies main product line was metal gardening tools, although, during 1947, they branched out and began producing a small line of metal children’s toys. A steam shovel and crane were among the first toys produced under the Mound Metalcraft name, of which they sold a record number of 37, 000 in the first year of production. The companies founders saw a hole in the market at the time, and leaving behind the gardening sector, they began producing more metal trucks aimed at young boys in particular. By 1955, the company had a name change and began trading under Tonka Toys Incorporated, a name we can much relate to metal toy trucks today.

In this article, we will delve into the world of vintage toy Tonka Trucks and highlight the value of differing models.

While the brains behind the Tonka Toys Incorporated company began out making other metal goods, in 1955 the Tonka Truck became the new identity of the company.

What are Metal Tonka Trucks?

Metal Tonka Trucks are children’s play trucks, many construction themed. These much-loved toys were crafted from metal originally although as time went on, the company began making more and more of their trucks out of plastic. This has since heightened the value of original metal Tonka Trucks.

The metal trucks crafted by the Tonka Toys Incorporated company were originally made out of 20-gauge automotive steel and the wheels sported solid rubber. The trucks produced generally stood between 12 and 24 inches tall. Many children fell in love with the designs of the trucks which appeared similar to the motor vehicles produced by the Ford Motor Company.

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The classic Tonka Truck has changed faces multiple times over the years, with adjustments such as the wheels changing from rubber to plastic. In 1991, the company was purchased by Hasbro, a giant in the children’s toy industry. Since then, many other children’s toys have been released under the Tonka name although their basic trucks still remain their best-selling item.

1955: Tonka Trucks came in red, tires were made from molded black rubber, wheel covers were aluminum, and they had no glass windows as such.
1956: Tonka Trucks were produced in metallic blue and orange as well as the original red color.
1958: Some Tonka Trucks began featuring a plastic window shield.
1965: The cab of many Tonka Trucks was now enclosed with glass windows. The tires were produced from plastic known as the ‘TX-500 Lifetime Tire’.
1968: Internal seats and a steering wheel crafted from plastic were added.

List of Regular Vintage Tonka Trucks and Their Model Numbers 1950’s and 1960’s

Below you can find hundreds upon hundreds of different Tonka Truck models that were produced during the 1950s and the 1960s. This is when the company solely produced their trucks and cars from metal. These decades were very busy times for the Tonka Truck Incorporated company as thousands of boys and girls requested Tonka Trucks for their birthdays and Christmas.
* (Find value in the table at the bottom of the article)

  • Model #02 Pick-up Truck*
  • Model #03 Utility Truck
  • Model #04 Farm Stake Truck
  • Model #05 Sportsman
  • Model #06 Tonka Dump Truck
  • Model #08 Steam Shovel
  • Model #08 Dump Truck
  • Model #10 Parcel Delivery Truck
  • Model #12 All-Weather Road Grader
  • Model #14 Tonka Logger
  • Model #16 Tonka Gasoline Truck
  • Model #18 Tonka Wrecker*
  • Model#20 Hydraulic Dump Truck*
  • Model #22 Lumber Truck
  • Model #24 Rescue Squad Truck
  • Model #26 Pick-up with Box Trailer
  • Model #28 Pick-up with Stake Trailer and Animal
  • Model #29 Sportsman with Box Trailer
  • Model #30 Tonka Cargo King
  • Model #32 Tonka Stock Rack with Animals
  • Model #33 Gasoline Truck
  • Model #34 Deluxe Sportsman
  • Model #34 Thunderbird Express
  • Model #35 Farm Stake with 2 Horse Trailer
  • Model #36 Livestock Van
  • Model #37 Thunderbird Express
  • Model #38 Allied Moving Van
  • Model #39 Nationwide Moving Van
  • Model #40 Shovel and Carry-All Trailer
  • Model #40 Car Carrier
  • Model #41 Boat Transport
  • Model #41 Hi-Way Service Truck
  • Model #42 “Big Mike” Dual Hydraulic Dump Truck
  • Model #43 Shovel and Carry All
  • Model #44 3-in-1 Hi-Way Service Truck
  • Model #45 “Big Mike” Dual Hydraulic Dump Truck with Snow Plow
  • Model #46 Suburban Pumper
  • Model #48 Hydraulic Aerial Ladder
  • Model #50 Steam Shovel
  • Model #100 Bulldozer
  • Model #101 Golf Club Tractor
  • Model #103 Service Truck
  • Model #105 Rescue Squad
  • Model #110 Fisherman
  • Model #116 Dump Truck and Sandloader
  • Model #117 Boat Service Truck
  • Model # 118 Giant Dozer
  • Model #120 Cement Mixer*
  • Model #120 Carry-All Trailer #50 Steam Shovel
  • Model #130 Deluxe Fisherman
  • Model #134 Grading Service Dump and Dozer
  • Model #136 Houseboat and Pick-up
  • Model #140 Tonka Toys Transport
  • Model #140 Sanitary Service Truck
  • Model #142 Mobile Clam
  • Model #145 Steel Carrier
  • Model #146 Giant Dozer and Trailer
  • Model #175 Utility Hauler
  • Model #180 Dump Truck
  • Model #200 “Jeep” Dispatcher
  • Model #201 Ser-vi-car
  • Model #249 “Jeep” Universal
  • Model #250 Tractor
  • Model #250 Wrecker Truck*
  • Model #251 Military “Jeep” Universal
  • Model #252 Air Force “Jeep”
  • Model #300 Bulldozer
  • Model #301 Utility Dump
  • Model #302 Pick-up*
  • Model #304 “Jeep” Commander
  • Model #308 Stake Pick-up
  • Model #315 Dump
  • Model #324 Houseboat
  • Model #350 “Jeep” Surrey
  • Model #352 Loader
  • Model #354 Style-Side Pick-up
  • Model #375 “Jeep” Wrecker
  • Model #380 Troop Carrier*
  • Model #384 Military “Jeep” and Box Trailer
  • Model #400 Allied Furniture Van
  • Model #402 Loader
  • Model #404 Farm Stake Truck
  • Model #405 Sportsman
  • Model #406 Dump Truck
  • Model #410 Jet Delivery
  • Model #420 Luggage Service
  • Model #422 Backhoe
  • Model #425 “Jeep” Pumper*
  • Model #500 Livestock Van
  • Model #504 Stake Pick-up and Trailer
  • Model #512 Road Grader,
  • Model #514 Dragline
  • Model #516 “Jeep” Runabout
  • Model #518 Wrecker
  • Model #520 Hydraulic Dump
  • Model #522 Style-Side Pick-up and Trailer
  • Model #524 Dozer Packer
  • Model #525 “Jeep” and Horse Trailer
  • Model #526 Shovel
  • Model #528 Pick-up and Trailer
  • Model #530 Camper*
  • Model #534 Trencher
  • Model #536 Giant Dozer
  • Model #537 Giant Dozer
  • Model #550 Grain Hauler
  • Model #575 Tonka Logger
  • Model #600 Tonka Road Grader
  • Model #612 Dragline
  • Model #616 Dump Truck and Sandloader
  • Model #618 Giant Dozer
  • Model #620 Cement Mixer
  • Model #625 Stake Pick-up and Horse Trailer
  • Model #640 Ramp Hoist*
  • Model #650 Green Giant Transport
  • Model #675 Tonka Trailer Fleet
  • Model #690 Sanitary Service
  • Model #700 Aerial Ladder Truck
  • Model #720 Terminal Train
  • Model #725 Starkist Van
  • Model #725-5 Minute-Maid Van
  • Model #735 Farm Stake and Horse Trailer
  • Model #739 Allied Moving Van
  • Model #750 Parcel Delivery
  • Model #750-5 Carnation Milk Truck
  • Model #775 Road Builder Set
  • Model #800-5 Aerial Sand Loader
  • Model #825-5 Aerial Sand Loader Set
  • Model #834 Grading Service
  • Model #840 Car Carrier
  • Model #850-5 Lumber Truck
  • Model #860-5 Stake Truck
  • Model #875-5 Builders Supply Set
  • Model #880 Pick-Up Truck
  • Model #900 Tonka Fire Department
  • Model #910 Bottom Dump
  • Model #926 Pumper
  • Model #942 Mobile Clam
  • Model #1001 Trencher and Lowboy
  • Model #1348 Aerial Ladder

Metal Tonka Truck Sets

Once the company began seeing that the metal Tonka Trucks they sold separately were popular presents, they began marketing sets. There were a number of different Tonka Truck Sets sold during the 1950s and 1960s, and you can find their name and model number below:

  • Model #B-200 Tonka Trailer Rental Set
  • Model #B-202 Tonka Stock Farm
  • Model #B-204 Tonka Truck Trailer Rental
  • Model #B-206 Tonka Trailer Fleet
  • Model #B-207 Hi-Way Construction Set
  • Model #B-208 State Hi-Way Department
  • Model #B-209 Deluxe Farm Set
  • Model #B-210 Road Builder Set
  • Model #B-211 State Hi-Way Department Set
  • Model #B-213 Tonka Fire Department Set
  • Model #B-215 Bulk Storage Set
  • Model #B-216 Road Builder Set
  • Model #B-218 Paving Department Set
  • Model #B-219 Construction Set and one accessory set
  • Model #2100 Airport Service Set
  • Model #2110 Marina Set
  • Model #2120 Farm Set
  • Model #2130 Super Service Set
  • Model #2140 Outdoor Living Set
  • Model #2150 Road Builder Set
  • Model #2170 Military Set
  • Model #2175 Construction Set
  • Model #2190 Construction Set

Metal Tonka Truck Accessories

The company behind the highly profitable Tonka Trucks didn’t stop at just producing vehicles; they also started marketing a range of accessories. The accessories sold were to accompany the construction-themed vehicles. The accessories were sold in sets separate from the vehicles. The accessories enabled children’s minds to run wild as this gave them animals to put in their farm truck or road signage to set up a little city scene. A number of accessory packs sold during the 1950s and 1960s can be found below:

  • Model #125 Animals
  • Model #AC-300 Hi-Way Sign Set
  • Model #AC-302 Tonka Stock Corral
  • Model #AC-304 Tonka Farm Animals
  • Model #AC-306 Scraper Blade with Mounting Bracket
  • Model #AC-308 “V” Blade Snow Plow with Mounting Bracket
  • Model #AC-310 Tonka Box Trailer
  • Model #AC-311 Boat Trailer
  • Model #AC-312 Stake Trailer
  • Model #AC-314 Horse Trailer and 2 Horses
  • Model #316 Corral and 4 Animals
  • Model #AC-318 Scraper Blade and Snow Plow with Mounting Bracket
  • Model #AC-320 Hi-Way Sign Set
  • Model #325 Animals

Tonka Truck Mini Series (Began 1963)

While the regular-sized Tonka Truck sales were reaching new heights, the company still was thinking up new designs and one was the mini-series which featured miniature versions of the regular-sized construction themed trucks/cars. The mini Tonka Truck series was designed for smaller hands to play with such as toddlers and the production of these little Tonka’s began in 1963.

  • Model #30 “Jeep” Dispatcher
  • Model #40 “Jeep” Commander
  • Model #42 Beach Buggy
  • Model #50 Pick-up
  • Model #56 Stake Truck
  • Model #60 Dump
  • Model #62 “Jeep” Wagoneer
  • Model #64 Hi-Way Patrol Wagoneer
  • Model #66 Fire Chief
  • Model #68 Wrecker
  • Model #70 Camper
  • Model #72 Fire Fighter
  • Model #76 Grader
  • Model #77 Mixer
  • Model #80 Wagoneer and Trailer
  • Model #82 Pick-up and Horse Trailer
  • Model #86 Van (semi)
  • Model #88 Van (semi)
  • Model #90 Livestock Van
  • Model #96 Car Carrier
  • Model #98 Allied Moving Van
  • Model #102 Sportsman Set,
  • Model #103 Mini 3 Pack: Pick-up, Stake and Wrecker
  • Model #104 Stables Set
  • Model #106 Farm Set
  • Model #110 Contractor Set
  • Model #150 Yellow Volkswagen
  • Model #152 Blue Volkswagen
  • Model #154 Green Volkswagen
  • Model #156 Red Volkswagen

Tiny Tonka Truck Series (Began 1968)

Even smaller than the mini-series was the Tiny Tonka Truck series that was produced during 1968 and in the years that followed. Below are a number of mini-series Tonka Trucks:

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  • Model #432 Smart Cart
  • Model # 434 Rat-A-Tat-Tat
  • Model #436 Rumble Bee
  • Model #438 Taxi
  • Model #450 Mod Rod
  • Model #452 Draggin’ Wagon
  • Model #454 Scorcher
  • Model #456 Stinger
  • Model #458 Frantic Fliver
  • Model #495 Dozer
  • Model #503 Fun Buggy with Top
  • Model #515 Pick-up
  • Model #521 Loader
  • Model #527 Dump Stake
  • Model #535 Dump
  • Model #555 Wrecker
  • Model #575 Cement Mixer
  • Model #580 School Bus
  • Model #585 Snap Dragon
  • Model #595 Pumper
  • Model #615 Sanitary Service
  • Model #635 Car Carrier
  • Model #655 Bottom Dump
  • Model #675 Aerial Ladder
  • Model #695 Lowboy and Dozer
  • Model #810 Transportation Set
  • Model #815 Construction Set
  • Model #825 Crazy A’s Set.

Tonka Truck Mighty Series (Began 1964-1972)

The company produced Tonka Trucks that were larger than the regular sized vehicles which went by the name ‘Mighty Tonka Trucks’. These were popular amongst older children. The series ran from 1964 until 1972.

  • Model #2900 Mighty Tonka Dump
  • Model #2905 Mighty Tonka Clam
  • Model #2920 Mighty Loader
  • Model #2930 Mighty Shovel
  • Model #2935 Mighty Scraper
  • Model #2940 Mighty Mobile Crane
  • Model #2990 Mighty Car Carrier

Private Label Vintage Tonka Trucks

While the company was producing their popular lines of construction-style trucks and vans, they would also produce specialty trucks for companies that approached them. The private label vintage Tonka Trucks were crafted by Tonka Trucks Incorporated although rather than including their label, they would add the label of the company for which the truck was crafted. They were not mass-produced like their other trucks, making them somewhat more valuable and harder to come by. Below you can find a number of private-label vintage Tonka Trucks:

  • 1953 G. Fox Semi Truck
  • 1953 Meier and Frank Semi
  • 1953 Our Own Hardware Semi
  • 1953 Green Giant Utility Hauler Truck
  • 1954 G Fox and Co. Metro Van
  • 1954 Stix Baer Fuller Metro Van
  • 1954 RCD Fast Freight Semi
  • 1954 Hardware Hank Box Van
  • 1955 Jewel Tea Semi and Trailer
  • 1955 Cross Country Semi
  • 1956 Kroger Semi and Trailer
  • 1957 United Van Lines Semi
  • 1958 Gambles Pickup 02
  • 1959 Red Owl Semi
  • 1960 Standard Oil Tanker Semi
  • 1960 Flavor Kist Semi
  • 1961 Bruce Terminix Service Truck
  • 1964 Terminix Covered Pickup

A 1961 Tonka Green Giant stake bed truck Ford farm private label sold for $685.00 USD recently. This shows the value of vintage private label Tonka Trucks. This truck is pictured below.

How Much are Metal Tonka Trucks Worth?

The ‘Baby Boomers’ generation (those born from 1946 until 1964) can be thanked for the increasing value of metal vintage Tonka Trucks. The aspiration for many who wish to acquire a vintage Tonka Truck is due to the nostalgic value they hold. Toy collectors often love acquiring items they once played with as a child themselves, or toys that their ancestors loved as children so there is no surprise that Tonka Trucks are highly sought after in recent times as those who loved them as children are reaching prime collecting age.

It is rare to find a Tonka Truck in mint condition still within its original box. It is almost unheard of, and for this reason, those that have stashed their Tonka away from rough children’s hands may have a small fortune to cash in on. For the majority of those who have kept their childhood Tonka Truck, it is more than likely looking a little worn, showing its age with spots of rust.

After 1961, Tonka Trucks Incorporated introduced a line of toy trucks that required batteries to turn on lights or make sounds. Many of the battery compartments of these trucks have rusted over the years, and while these may have been highly sought after when they were released to toy shops during the 1960s, collectors today steer clear from these and would rather purchase the simple metal trucks produced in the earlier years of Tonka production, specifically those mentioned above within our list from the 1950s and 1960s.

Tonka Trucks are highly sought vintage toys, especially by those who played with them during their own childhood.

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At this current point, Tonka Trucks in good condition from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s are being listed for anywhere between $100.00 and $300.00. The nostalgic value these metal trucks have to their owners is sometimes more valuable than the money they are worth. Some owners choose to repurpose their trucks into things such as planters rather than trying to make a penny in the resale market.

Cabover Dump Truck Tonka Toys 1953

This specific model was produced by the Tonka Truck Incorporated company from 1948 until 1953. This dump truck is model #180. Crafted from pressed steel and red and green in color, this was a vibrant vehicle and is valued between $200.00 and $400.00 USD today. In April 2019, this model sold for $100.00 USD.

Round-Fendered Pickup Tonka Truck (1954-1957)

Crafted to look like a classic ‘Ford’ from the 1950s, the Round-Fendered Pickup was a popular Tonka Truck from the early years of the company.

This model was first produced in 1954, and due to the age of these trucks, if they are still in working condition, they can sell for a worthy amount of money. Due to the age of this vehicle, it is valued up to $1000.00 USD, but of course like anything the value will depend on the current condition.

Series: Hi-Way

Worth: Up to $1000.00

Ford Cab Over Engine Livestock Tonka Truck (1953)

The bed of this truck was made of wood, and due to that, this model has seemed to last the test of time better than the later models where the entire truck was crafted from metal. The ramp at the back of this truck drops down so that the ‘livestock’ could be unloaded.

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This truck allowed children’s imaginations to run wild, especially when they were also gifted the animal set produced by the Tonka Truck company. The cab alone of this vehicle sells for upwards of $70.00 USD. This vehicle was model #500 and was produced by the company for a number of years beginning in 1953.

Series: Semi Trucks

Worth: $200.00 – $1000.00 USD

During August 2021, a Ford Round Fender Cab Over Livestock in mint condition sold for $885.00 USD

Stake Truck with Trailer and Horses (1958)

Model #35, a fancy farm stake truck with a horse trailer sold in 2021 for $440.00 USD. This vintage truck and trailer were popular among horse-loving young boys and girls during 1958 when it was released.

Worth: $400.00 – $500.00 USD

Vintage 1950’s and 1960’s Metal Tonka Trucks Auction Value

In the table below you can find a number of vintage metal, Tonka Trucks produced during the ’50s and ’60s, and the value they sold for at auction in today’s society. This table may give you some idea of how much the vintage Tonka Truck you have on hand is worth.

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Title of Tonka TruckYear of Tonka TruckAuction Value (USD)
Blue Pick Up Truck #21957$735.00
Generic Pick Up Truck in Red #3021962-1967 $429.00
“Jeep” Pumper #425 1960s$280.00
MM Wrecker Truck #2501950$171.00
Hydraulic Dump Truck #20 1961$289.00
Ramp Hoist Wrecker #6401963$288.00
AA Wrecker Tow Truck #181958 $145.00
Camper #5301963$140.00
Cement Truck #120 1960$81.00
Troop Carrier #380 1964$54.00

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How much are the metal Tonka trucks worth? ›

Vintage Tonka trucks go for as much as $1,000 today. A 1956 aerial ladder Tonka fire truck was sold on eBay for $1,000. Different factors determine the value of Tonka trucks. On eBay, you'll find many Tonka trucks going for $200 to $400, while a few are over $600.

What are my old Tonka trucks worth? ›

Most Tonka trucks in good condition from the late '40s through the early '60s can be purchased for between $100 and $300. Because so many Tonka products were manufactured, standard outlets including flea markets, garage sales and antique stores are good sources for Tonka trucks.

How can you tell if a Tonka truck is vintage? ›

Logo Identification

Look at the Tonka logo. From 1947 to 1977, changes were made to the logo every few years which makes it an easy identifier for early-edition Tonka trucks. Identify the colors of the logo. If the Tonka logo shows a blue sea and seagulls, it was likely to be manufactured between 1947 and 1957.

What is the oldest Tonka toy? ›

In 1949, the first TONKA dump truck was introduced representing the first generation of the TONKA brand's family tree. Following is a brief timeline of where the iconic yellow truck has traveled over the years: 1947: The very first TONKA truck was made.


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