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$69 Full Car Window Tint

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Jet Black Tint is the best car window tinting company that provides the highest-quality auto window tinting services in Redwood City, California. No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, we can help. No other tint shop in the area can match our level of affordability, reliability, or experience. While you’re in for a car tint, we offer many other services as well, such as car wraps, paint protection, and car disinfectant services. Book with us today!

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  • Auto Window Tint
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Auto Detailing
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Mobile Concierge
  • Tint School
  • Tint Removal
  • Commercial Window Tinting
  • Headlight/Taillight Tinting
  • Security Film

Enhance The Appearance Of Your Vehicle With Our Custom Window Tints

Car window tints have been applied to vehicles since the middle of the 20th century, and they bring a certain level of class and luxury. A car window tint is a thin layer of laminate film installed on a glass surface – either on the exterior or the interior depending on the specific requirements. There are a lot of different variations of car window tint (known also as window film), and deciding which is best for you comes down to the reasons that you’re looking for an auto tint. Auto window tinting can be installed on any type of vehicle.

There are a multitude of reasons that you should consider the installation of tint on your vehicle’s windows, and you’re likely going to be shocked at just how much it impacts the way your vehicle operates. You can also count on our tint shop in Redwood City to help with removing window tint, too. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of windshield tint. Call for an appointment today! If you want to take advantage of these benefits yourself, our quality service in Redwood City is here to help you get started. We offer a variety of tint services including:

  • Auto window tint packages
  • Commercial fleet tint
  • Commercial and residential property tint
  • DIY pre-cut tint
  • Mobile tint installation
  • Window tint repair and replacement

For all of your custom window tint needs, connect with our team today!

that tinting your car windows is one of the most stylish ways to transform the appearance of your window. We offer car window tints with a wide range of shades from jet black to clear light. Our ceramic glass tint helps to maximize UV protection while transforming the appearance of your windows. You can choose from a variety of custom designs such as flames, cheetah, tiger, and other window designs. You can also ask to have your favorite team’s logo or your unique business logo printed on it. With our exclusive range of custom car window tinting options in Alameda, you can choose a look that suits your style and perfectly complements the appearance of your vehicle.

BOOK $69 Full Car Tint

Who Redwood City Trusts For Paint Protection Film & Custom Car Wraps

Paint protection film and custom car wraps are some great options for protecting your car’s body and paint while customizing your car’s curb appeal. Your Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City has more than 1,000 car wrap colors, textures, and finishes to choose from and we can create custom multi-color patterns and logos to make your ride stand out. If you prefer transparent paint protection film (PPF) to protect the auto paint you already love, we’ve got you covered there too. Some of our protective options include:

  • Paint protection film packages
  • Custom car wraps
  • Logo wraps
  • Chrome delete

To protect your vehicle, let the car wrap team at Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City create a custom look for you today.

PPF Packages

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Redwood City’s Windshield Repair + Replacement Shop

For full-service window installation, windshield repair, and auto glass replacement in Central California, make Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City your first call! Our expert glass specialists provide a wide range of vehicle glass services to get you back on the road in safety and style. We strive for convenience and affordability and will do everything we can to reduce the out-of-pocket cost to you. Whether you have a broken windshield or need new side windows, our glass experts are ready to help. We have windows for most current makes and models in stock and are able to offer next-day appointments in most cases. The icing on the cake is we will restore your tint on the new glass during the installation. Some of our auto glass services include:

  • Auto glass chip repair
  • Windshield and glass replacement
  • Windshield recalibration

For service you can count on, partner with the glass experts at Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City for your windshield repair or replacement. Book your appointment today!

Jet Black Glass

Let Redwood City’s Mobile Tint Team Come to You!

Like the true VIP that you are, don’t spend your time in our tint shop lobby waiting for your car, let our mobile tint team come to you! The team at Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City can meet you where you live or work t complete your tint job in the same amount of time we would in the shop. We know your time is valuable and we respect that.

Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City is proud to offer VIP mobile concierge tinting services nearly anywhere you work or live in the Bay Area. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle or entire commercial fleet tinted, contact the mobile tint team at Redwood City JBT to discuss your custom quote today!

Mobile Tint Services

We Keep Redwood City’s Cars Clean

Stopping by your local gas station to toss out garbage and give your seats and floorboard a once-over with the vacuum is a great start to revitalizing your car from the inside out. The auto detailing team at Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City takes things up a notch with next level disinfection services and ceramic coating that make your car look and feel like the day you drove it off the lot. Whether you are looking to spruce up your ride for yourself or you recently purchased a new-to-you car and want to get rid of any traces of the previous owner, we’ve got you covered. Some of our auto detail services include:

  • Exterior car cleaning
  • Auto detailing
  • Car disinfection
  • Ceramic coating
  • Custom floor mats

Keep your car in comfortable condition with top-rated auto detailing and ceramic coating services. Book your service today!

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Tint Removal Services in Redwood City

While you generally don’t have to do too much to keep your tinted windows in good condition, if you want them to last, there are some simple care instructions to follow.. First of all, you need to avoid the use of toxic chemicals that might be incompatible with the window tint film. There are plenty of natural cleaners that will get the job done, and they’re better for the environment as well. You also need to make sure you use a lighter level of abrasion, as anything too heavy is going to reduce the lifespan of your car window tinting.

Car window tints do have a limited lifespan (usually in the five to 10-year range depending on maintenance habits). When it’s time to replace your windshield tint, give us a call. We offer window tint removal services. Our expert technicians have the experience and tools to manage the safe removal of window tints, and we can apply a new car tint film afterward as part of one comprehensive service. No hassle, no stress – just top-class results. Call our Redwood City tint shop today!

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Become a Tint Technician at JBT Tint School

Instructed by leading experts in the window tinting industry, Jet Black Tint and Glass Tint School in the Bay Area offers a hands-on atmosphere with full access to real tint film and actual vehicles to practice installation. Our dedicated training facility offers a variety of training opportunities and hands-on experience that prepares you for a tint job in the real world. Our curriculum also includes sales techniques, managing your workday and shop flow efficiently, CAD cutting, basic marketing tactics, and more! What’s more is we train to keep, so if you’re looking for a job at the conclusion of your course, look no further than Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City. To take your career to the next level, enroll in Jet Black Tint school today!

Enroll Today!

Commercial Window Tinting In Redwood City

The commercial tinting services available at Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City are two-fold. First, we can tint your commercial building’s large windows to enhance privacy and comfort. And, secondly, we can tint your entire vehicle fleet, optimizing security and maintaining internal temperatures. It’s also worth noting just how cost-effective they can be, especially over the long run. Tinted windows are a great option if you want to spend less and support your bottom line. Call Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City for your custom commercial tint quote today!

Get A Quote

Redwood City's Headlight Tint and Smoked Taillight Experts

Headlight and taillight tint are great ways to complete a customized look for your car. With the application of our high-quality tint film to your headlights or taillights, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product that’s skillfully applied and looks great. At Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City, you can go for a smoked-out look, add some sophistication, and protect the finish of your lights from yellowing and cracking with protective tint film. Check out some of our headlight and taillight services:

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  • Clear protective headlight film
  • Darkening headlight tint
  • Smoked taillight tint

To upgrade your ride’s lights, make your appointment at Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City today!

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Redwood City’s Top-Rated Security Film Installers

At Redwood City’s Jet Black Tint and Glass, we have experience handling complex tint fim installations and a diverse range of application projects. When a residential, commercial, governmental, or educational building or vehicle window tinting project comes up, our experienced tint technicians offer solutions to conserve energy while optimizing safety and security. We are proud to be an authorized distributor and installer of Armorcoat® security film by Solar Gard® and we offer great, same-week installation services in most cases. Invest in safety with security film at Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City. Book your security film installation today.

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California Tint Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, there aren’t many commercial spaces that wouldn’t benefit from the advantages of commercial window tint. Commercial window tint prevents more than 80% of solar heat from entering your building, making temperatures more consistent and comfortable. This helps increase productivity and supports your bottom line. To experience the incredible return on investment that commercial window tint provides, make an appointment with Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City today.

At Jet Black Tint and Glass of Redwood City, we carry Pilkington Glass, the industry leader in OEM and aftermarket auto glass.

We can apply window tint film anywhere that’s glass or glass-like material, except your mirrors. We can tint your side windows, back windows, headlights, taillights, and the top five inches of your windshield.

Of course! To protect the investment of your new Tesla, adding paint protection film will increase the lifespan of your Tesla’s body and decrease the signs of wear and tear over the years. To schedule your Tesla PPF installation, connect with Jet Black Tint and Glass in Redwood City today!

Contact Us For Vehicle Modifications in Redwood City

Jet Black Tint in Redwood City has seen many DIY auto-tint vehicles. For the most part, these customers are coming to us because their attempts at window tint film did not turn out as expected. Our team is trained in the proper car window tinting procedures. Our prices for professional window tinting are considerably cheaper because we buy our materials in bulk. Furthermore, our tint shop has all of the necessary specialty tools to apply auto tint. When car window tint is not applied properly, it won’t last very long. Thus, when you DIY auto tint, you will most likely waste time and money, and you could damage your vehicle, which could cost you even more time and money. When you partner with Jet Black Tint in Redwood City, you’ll receive a professional car window tinting service that will look good and that will last. Our team treats your vehicle as if it were our own. We offer unwavering focus and dedication to quality for your car window film installation. This holds true for all of our services, such as car tint removal, car wraps, car paint protection, and more. Don’t take a chance; partner with us today!

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