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What is Plate Rolling Machine?

CNC, PLC Plate Rolling Machine: plate rolling capacity: Bending thickness from 2.00mm to 160.00mm, plate rolling width from 1,000.00mm up to 10,000.00mm.
The Plate Rolling Machine (also named Plate Roller, Plate Bending Machine, and Bending Rolls) is a device for the radial forming of flat sheets. The Hydraulic/Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine works similarly to a Profile Bending Machine. However, its design is much simpler.

6 types of plate rolling machines

Plate Bending Machines are available in a wide range. The smallest devices are table machines with manual operation by a hand crank. The largest Plate Rollers are found in shipyards and can bend sheets several centimeters thick, for example for ship armor.

There are 6 types of plate rolling machines currently on the market. Their roll bending work principle is the same, but the structure is different. Of course, the manufacturing cost, efficiency, and precision will definitely be different:

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  1. Initial pinch bending rolls
  2. Double pinch bending rolls
  3. Pyramid bending rolls
  4. Top roll variable geometry bending rolls
  5. Variable geometry bending rolls
  6. 4-roll plate bending machine

Benefits and Applications

  1. The initial pinch bending rolls belong to the asymmetric plate rolling machine, which can be pre-bent at one end, which means that the other side needs to be removed for work pre-bending, and the work efficiency is not as good as that of the double pinch bending rolls.
  2. Double pinch bending rolls can be a 3-roll or 4-roll plate roll available in light to very heavy capacities. Double pinch bending rolls can prebend both plate-ends without removing the workpiece there increasing work efficiency. Four-roll plate rolls generally are the only equipment with CNCs.
  3. The pyramid bending rolls are rarely used in cutting-edge facilities. No pre-bending capability, which means long unbend flats and not as user-friendly as other types of plate rolling machines. The very low investment cost is their only advantage.
  4. Variable geometry and PRT top roll horizontal and vertical movement 3-roll plate rolls are built to handle medium to extremely heavy plate rolling applications. Easy-to-remove end yokes can make material removal a quick process.
    A machine of this type works well over a wide range of material thicknesses.
    The lower roll horizontal movement (PRV 3-roll variable geometry bending rolls) or top roll horizontal and vertical movement(PRT 3-roll plate rolls) increases the offset distance from the top roll and in so doing delivers a distinct mechanical advantage in bending.

Working Principle

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Working Principle of Pyramid 3-Roll Plate Rolling Machine

Pyramid 3-roll plate rolling machine with three work rolls in a triangular arrangement.

There is a top roll (left image: 1) in the middle symmetrical position of the 2 lower rolls (left image: 2). The upper roller is passive and can be adjusted up and down in the vertical direction. Apply pressure to get different degrees of bending. The lower rollers are distributed horizontally, installed in fixed bearings, and rotated in the same direction and at the same speed by the motor through the gear reducer.

When working, the metal plate is placed between the top and lower rolls, the upper roll is pressed down, and the lower rolls are rotated. Under the action of pressure and friction, the metal plate is bent uniformly at three consecutive points, thereby completing the roll forming.

The bending radius of the metal sheet is determined by the pressing amount of the top roll. The greater the pressing amount, the smaller the bending radius; otherwise, the larger the bending radius is.

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Working Principle of Initial pinch 3-Roll Plate Rolling Machine

Initial pinch 3-roll plate rolling machine, the top roll(left image: 1) is located above the lower roll(left image: 2), and the other roll(left image: 3) is on the side, which is called the side roll. The top and lower rolls are driven by the same motor to rotate, the lower roll can be adjusted up and down, and the maximum distance of adjustment is approximately equal to the maximum thickness of the steel plate that can be rolled. The side roll 3 moves up and down and has dual functions of pre-bending and rolling. When bending, plate material(left image: 4) is sent between the upper and lower rollers, and the lower roller is adjusted to press the sheet material to generate a certain frictional force, and then the pressure of the side rollers is adjusted. When the top and lower rolls rotate, the steel plate is bent.

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Working Principle of 3-Roll and 4-Roll double pinch Plate Rolling Machine

The 3-roll and 4-roll double pinch plate rolling machines(Their power system is driven by hydraulic motors) are basically similar to the 3-roll initial pinch plate rolling machine, except that a side roll 3 is added on the other side, and the rolls on both sides move in a straight line or arc to the upper roll to adjust the radius of curvature of the plate rolling., and the sheet bending is handled by the rolls 3 on both sides respectively, so the remaining straight edges at both ends are very small and do not Pre-bending and U-turn roll-bending are required, and the entire roll-bending process can be completed directly.

The difference between the three-roll and four-roll double pinch plate rolling machines is that the three-roller machine does not have a lower roller 2, while the four-roller bending machine can be equipped with a CNC control system.

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How to choose the right plate rolling machine?

With the aim to best satisfy every application requirement, BIT’s line of various types of plate bending machines offers a simple and efficient means to roll your metal plate materials.

The best way to determine the best sheet or plate rolling machine for the job is to find out what various machines can do. Remember, machine capacity is important, it must match your material, and most plate roll manufacturers can provide detailed capacity-versus-yield tables to assist you. There is also the pre-bending ability of the rolling machine is also very important, the pre-bending ratings are lower than the rolling capacities for any given machine.
You must be mindful when reviewing machine capacities that the maximum rolling capacity is usually expressed with the basic requirement of multiple rolling passes and very long unbent flats. You also must note the material thickness and width and equipment characteristics such as cylinder diameter, machine type, yield, and diameter of rolls.
By obtaining that information, you can properly size and select a plate roller to fit your particular bending application.
Of course, you can read our recommendations for plate roll bending application below, it will also provide a better reference:

The PRA initial pinch bending roll, PRD bending roll with a double pinch, PRS 3-roll pyramid bending roll, or PR4 four-roll pyramid bending roll will be bending for bending thin plates in a reliable and economical manner. For rolling thicker plates, BIT produces and offers three different models: PRT 3-roll bending roll with top roll variable geometry, PRV three-roll variable geometry bending roll, and PR4 four-roll pyramid bending roll.
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BIT’s Plate Bending Rolls

Expert in Plate Rollers. We Have Over 30+ Years of Manufacturing Experience in Plate Bending Machines. Hot Selling 2, 3, and 4 Roll CNC Plate Bending Rolls.
Established in 1989, BIT is a Chinese leader in plate rolling technologies. Our commitment to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in metal bending technology areas, including profile bending, plate rolling, tube/pipe bending, and aluminum bending equipment.

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CNC 4 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine PR4

BIT offers a very powerful, hydraulic 4 roller PR4 series plate rolling machine with NC and CNC controls.

The PR4 series 4 roll CNC plate bending machine has been refined over the years through extensive research and development and is considered one of the finest plate rolling machines available on the market worldwide, which are particularly suited for large sheet metal thicknesses. The advantage of this design is that the bending process is done in one operation. They are considered the most cost-effective investment for high productivity requirements for rolling plates from 5 to 150mm in thickness up to a useful length of 18000mm.

  • Bending Thickness: 5-150mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 4.4-120mm
  • Roller’s Working Length: 1000-6000mm


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NC Top Roll Variable Geometry Plate Rolls PRT

High rolling power combined with maximum pre-bending precision: PBRT is the series of top roll horizontally and vertically movement variable geometry 3-rollbending machinesat the highest level of its category by performance and versatility.

PRT 3-roll bending machines designed, manufactured and marketed by BIT deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the more expensive 4-roll plate bending rolls and are therefore ideal for medium-heavy duty machining.

  • Bending Thickness: 50-200mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 40-160mm
  • Bending Width: 1000-10000mm


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3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Rolls PRV

PRV Variable Geometry 3-Roll Plate Rollers with the variable geometry design, the bottom rolls move on a horizontal axis and independently from each other with variable steps, while the top roll motorized, moves on a vertical axis. It has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate, which can feed the metal plate at one time, and can complete the pre-bending of the plate end and the rolling of the workpiece without turning around.

  • Bending Thickness: 60-120mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 50-100mm
  • Bending Width: 3200-4000mm


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Initial Pinch Plate Roll PRA

PRA initial pinch 3-roll bending machines ensure you get excellent results with a single operator thanks to its ease of use feature, with a familiar asymmetrical construction, providing a simple and inexpensive approach for thin sheet metal bends.

The PRA 3-roll bending machine is the best solution for bending plates with thicknesses between 2 mm and 6 mm and widths from 1000 mm to 2000 mm.

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  • Bending Thickness: 2-6mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness:2-6mm
  • Bending Width: 1000-2000mm


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3 Roll double pinch Plate Bending Machine PRD

The upper roller of the PRD double pinch 3-roll bending machine is fixed and rotated, and the two lower rollers are respectively lifted and lowered around the fixed center arc. The two lower rollers can be easily adjusted through the CNC control system to form a symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machine type, which means that it has the function of a symmetrical 3-roll plate rolling machine at the same time.

  • Bending Thickness: 4-30mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 3.5-25mm
  • Roller’s Working Length: 2000-3000mm


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3-roll Pyramid Roll Bending Machin PRS

PRS Pyramid Roll Bending Machines are designed to cater to the basic requirements of bending & forming metal plates, PRS plate rollers belong to 3-roll symmetrical mechanical structures. The top roll moves up and down at the central part of the two lower rolls. Screw nut and worm gear both driver roller of transmission. Two lower rolls act as main driving rollers. Through the meshing, they are able to rotate between the output gear of the gearbox and the lower roll, so as to supply the torque to the bent plate. PRS plate rolling machine does well in compact structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

  • Bending Thickness: 4-40mm
  • Bending Width: 1500-3000mm
  • Top Roller Dia.: 150-500mm


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