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Kitchen Saver


Excellent. We are completely satisfied with Mr. Hector Gomez's handiwork. He met all of our expectations with courteousness and punctuality. All questions were answered confidently and every adjustment was made precisely.

- Gregory H....

Cabinet Restoration Company LLC


Excellent! I must say after trying a couple different options on redoing my cabinets I chose Cabinet Restoration. I worked with Pete who was very very helpful and patient as he answered my questions and walked me thru the best option. The results are just stunning. The wear and tear is gone and a new set of knobs installed has brought them back to their former luster. Additionally they came in on target and on budget. Truly exceptional work

- Kevin A....

N-Hance of Fairfax


Our kitchen cabinets are high quality but were pretty worn after 15+ years of use. Mark Donnelly and his crew did a beautiful job refinishing them so that they look new. They were careful, neat, and efficient, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again.

- Barbara T....

Lotus Design and Remodeling


LOVE our new cabinet refinish and our custom island!! Ebby was not only professional, he was friendly and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond by offering us advice/guidance on other aspects of our kitchen remodel and was always available for questions. His expertise played a huge role in our overall experience. We would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone! Thanks Ebby, for our beautiful kitchen and custom island

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- Sascha L....

D & R Restoration & Upholstery


Dave is truly an outstanding wood finisher, we were ready to purchase a new front door but decided to contact Dave for an estimate based on a previous customer. A new door was wel over 25,0000 , after Dave stripped and refinished the door it looks like a brand new one and it cost more than half of a new door. He did an outstanding job, we highly recommend him . He also did an awesome job of stripping and refinishing our kitchen cabinets

- Brenda G....

Kitchen Saver


This is a great group of people to work with. From the initial meeting to decide what was to be done through the final review, they are professional, thorough, and timely. The work was completed on schedule. They cleaned up after themselves at the end of every work day. They checked with me frequently through the entire process. The work took 7 days, and my kitchen looks as if it has new cabinets

- Brenda R....

Kustom Floors LLC


Rudy and his Kustom Flooring crew did a great job. They were great about communicating to make sure the project was well-scoped and there were no surprises. Their work was top-notch. The floors look amazing and they made the new flooring pieces look like an integrated part of the old floors. Even better, they left the job site spotless. I would definitely hire them again

- John M....

Pinedo Cabinetry


Paulo is true pleasure to work with. Based on my needs, he suggested that I don't need a cabinet replacement but just some finishing. I really liked that as he not only saved me some $$$ but made the kitchen look better with his artistry. He is a master at refurbishing cabinets. His partner Herman also did an amazing job. We got few drawers made and Herman did a great job. Now, our kitchen looks younger due to the Paulo and Herman show. I would highly recommend Paulo and Herman to anyone who wants to give their kitchen/bathroom some sparkle without spending thousands on replacement. Thanks Paulo and Herman

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- Vish V....

Solution Painting Inc


Mario and his organization are superb. We have used them three times, this last time for kitchen cabinets (after painting the whole house outside and then two rooms inside). We have had two different crews and both were outstanding. The kitchen cabinet crew apparently specializes in this and it shows. It actually looks like we got new cabinets. The crew was punctual every day and provided immaculate clean up. We recommend Solutions Painting without reservation to all our neighbors

- Wallace B....



Corpaint did a great job spray painting our kitchen cabinets. The father and son were on time each day, worked efficiently and took excellent care of our house during the painting process. Our cabinets looks fantastic now! We get compliments on our kitchen each time we have guests over! I would most definitely recommend this amazing duo

- Nina P....

Integrity Finishes of Tampa Bay


perfect. good communication and honest about how long it would take. 4 days. looks like new garage floor.

- Karen O....

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing - Robert Norris


(Video) The Absolute Best Paint for Cabinets

Robbie did an exceptional job. The cabinets look better than I dreamed. i highly, highly recommend him. He did such a great job on the cabinets, I asked him to paint the kitchen as we!

- Becky S....



fantastic! they were very professional and gave advise on other jobs I was considering having done. The completed job looked brand new.

- Ruth K....

Harry Madison Home Services


He is a very, very nice guy, but you have to follow him around to make sure he does what you ask (yes, I want both the front and back of the cabinet doors refinished). Put it in writing to make sure he gets the message straight. Oh, by the way, he doesn't do cabinet refacing. He does refinishing.

- Patty P....

Allusions & more LLC


After meeting with Bonnie, she was great at working within my budget and timeframe. The staff who performed the service were on time and professional.

- Robin F....

Lotus Design and Remodeling


We just had our kitchen cabinets refinished by Eby, and we are extremely happy with the work. Our kitchen looks like a completely new room. Our cabinets were not the easiest to work with, but Eby worked to ensure that the end product was exactly what we wanted. He knew we were on a tight budget, so in addition to giving us the best price, he worked with us to provide us all new hardware and even added molding above all of our cabinets to really make our kitchen look amazing. We are very happy with Eby's work, his professionalism, and most of all, his attention to our needs. We will definitely work with him in the future

(Video) Refinishing Furniture for Beginners | Top 10 Must Have Tools & Gadgets

- Jasmine G....

Pinedo Cabinetry


Amazing results! Rather than replace or refinish, restore is the way to go. 20 cabinets showing a dozen years of heavy use. Paul was a pleasure to deal with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- Rod W....

Kustom Floors LLC


Rudy & his team were great! They are professional, punctual, and easy to work with. Rudy has a great eye for design and helped us choose the perfect color. He also provided multiple samples for us so we could be comfortable with our choice. The results speak for themselves! Highly recommend!

- Rebecca S....

Green Solutions Remodeling


He was on time, was knowledgeable, and had some creative ideas. I really liked him but Idecided to put the project on hold for now.

- Emily B....

Apple Furniture Service


It turned out very well. The person is very consciences and wants to please you by doing a good job. He knows what he is doing and pays attention to the details. We were even able to preview the cabinets before they were finished to ensure we were happy with the color.

- Elaine G....

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