Top 5 best Marvel x Nike sneakers explored amid the release news of Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man "Next Chapter"  (2023)

Marvel's characters have struck a chord with fans, ranging from well-known heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man to nuanced anti-heroes like Wolverine and Deadpool. Moreover, the popularity of these Marvel characters has also inspired the footwear world to collaborate and produce some of the best Marvel-inspired kicks for sneakerheads. One of the most significant footwear giants that has successfully created some of the best Marvel sneakers is Nike.

Nike's collaboration with the Marvel Universe has excited the sneaker world. Moreover, the news of the upcoming release update of the Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man "Next Chapter" has sneakerheads talking about the best previously released Marvel x Nike sneakers of all time.

Sneaker fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man "Next Chapter". In the meantime, here is a look at the top five Marvel-themed Nike sneakers.

The Nike Dunk High "Deadpool" and the four other best Marvel-themed Nike sneakers of all time

1) Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Iron Man"

Nike Air Max Plus 3 “Iron Man” Is Coming Soon”

Nike was motivated to design a sneaker based on the Marvel character Iron Man as a result of the character's widespread appeal. In 2020, the Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Iron Man" sneaker was introduced, much to the delight of Nike and Marvel aficionados alike.

Given its one-of-a-kind construction and hue, the Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Iron Man" sneaker has garnered a lot of attention from consumers. It looks a lot like the popular Marvel superhero, thanks to the red and gold accents on the black upper, which give it a daring and attention-grabbing appearance. In addition, the Air Max technology embedded in the sole delivers unparalleled comfort and support, making them ideal for use in both casual and sports settings.

Furthermore, the item tints in the previously mentioned bold tone to resemble the Marvel icon's trademark outfit and is nearly overt in its parallels. In addition, the tongue branding, the embroidered small Swoosh, and the subtler decals on the tooling are all given a luxurious gold accents, a commonly paired secondary. The Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Iron Man" is a sneaker that, in general, is both fashionable and functional, making it appealing to people who are fans of comic books as well as sneakers.

The Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Iron Man" is available for $190 at select Nike retail sites.

2) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse x Air Jordan 1 High OG "Origin Story"

nike x into the spider-verse AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG "Origin Story" COLLECTION.“Matching the pair seen in the film on Miles Morales, this AJ1 puts a twist on a classic. Like Morales' character, the AJ1 is known for defying the norm.”

The iconic Air Jordan 1 High silhouette received a "Spider-Man" makeover in 2018 by Jordan Brand, a division of Nike. According to the Swoosh brand's official website, this is how the sneaker is described:

"Jordan Brand is celebrating the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with a special edition Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Origin Story.' Matching the pair seen in the film about Miles Morales, this AJ1 puts a twist on a classic colorway. Like Morales' character, AJ1 is known for defying the norm. Like the mask, the AJ1 can be worn by anyone and empowers those who wear it to be heroic."

These Air Jordan 1s were available in children's sizes. It was made in honor of the release of Marvel's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film in 2018. The unique edition color palette updated the original "Chicago" shade Miles Morales wore in the movie with a number of Spider-Man-specific changes.

The "Nike Air" badge on the tongue flap was swapped out for red and blue to pay tribute to the superhero's original color scheme. Moreover, to replicate Spider-Man's iconic outfit, the red leather panels have a reflective dot pattern applied to them. Finally, a translucent outer sole unit in an icy blue hue was used to complete the look.

This Marvel-inspired Nike sneaker is available for $180 at the official Nike retail site and other select retail sites.

3) Nike Air Jordan 1 MID "INCREDIBLE HULK"

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Gets Angry With This “Incredible Hulk” Colorway #sneakerhead #sneakersforlife #sneakersforsale #sneakersale #shoes #shoecollector #shoecollection #shoe #shoeaddiction #shoeaddict #shoegame #nike #jordan

Although the Incredible Hulk Air Jordan 1 Mid is something of an unofficial nickname for this model, it is not hard to see why people could refer to the Aloe Verde/Court Purple-White colorway in this fashion. This colorway features a combination of court purple, aloe vera, and white.

Even casual fans of Marvel and other similar media should be able to conjure mental images of a legendary superhero from the exact tones of purple and green used here, and the white background should help pull everything together nicely in the quarter panels and the toe box of the shoe.

The sole, the Nike Swoosh, the ankle support, and the Air Jordan emblem all get the purple treatment, which gives the design its nickname. The rest of the silhouette is given to the distinctive aloe verde and court purple colors that give the design its nickname. The green aloe verde color is used for the mudguard, eye stays, collar flaps, and heels of the shoe.

This Marvel-themed Hulk sneaker was released in 2020 and is available for $200 at select retail sites and the official Nike retail site.

4) Nike Dunk High "Deadpool"

Official Look at the upcoming Nike Dunk High "Deadpool" 👀

The Nike Dunk High "Deadpool" sneakers are the most popular and anticipated sneakers out there for sneakerheads.

As per its construction, red overlays on the toe bumper, eyestay, and heel flaps sit atop black leather inserts in the toe box, mid-panel, and ankle collar for a simple yet effective color scheme on these Dunks. It's a fairly standard "Bred" color scheme, but the white Swoosh with red stitch trim gives this colorway something extra. The brilliant upper is further contrasted with the entirely black soles.

The color scheme of these Dunks is very close to that of Deadpool's clothing and mask, so fans of the Deadpool comic series will immediately recognize the similarities. The Nike Dunk High "Deadpool" is available for $200 at select Nike retail sites.

5) Air Jordan 5 "Captain America"

Top 5 best Marvel x Nike sneakers explored amid the release news of Air Jordan 1 Spider-Man "Next Chapter" (1)

When designing a pair of custom shoes, it's a good idea to play around with the color blocking of the sneaker that will serve as the base for the new design. The evidence is provided by this brand-new invention from DMC Kicks, which was tailor-made for athletes, such as George Hill of the Indiana Pacers. The Air Jordan 5s have been designed with a "Captain America" motif, which is communicated, not only by the use of a color scheme consisting of red, white, and blue, but also by a modified Jumpman that is depicted donning a Captain America costume and holding his shield.

The Nike Air Jordan 5 "Captain America" is available for $160 at select retail sites and the official Nike retail site.

These are the top five Marvel X Nike sneakers for sneaker lovers. Let us know in the comment section which one you like the most!

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