What is a Diamond’s Cut? (2022)

A Diamond’s cut is one of the most important features fordiamond pricing and its sparkle. Before purchasing a diamond engagement ring,you should first read this article to learn more about the different aspects ofa diamond cut.

What is Diamond Cut?

The diamond cut is a delicate work of art, by creating themathematical proportions and the symmetry of the diamond structure, the diamondbrilliance and sparkle is strengthened adding to light reflection. Diamond cutgrade has an important effect on its value.

Diamond cut gradePercentage of depthPercentage of table
Excellent59% - 61.9%53% - 58%
Very good58.1% - 61.3%52.5% - 63%
Good56.1% - 64.3%52.5%- 65%
fair64.5% - 70%62% - 64%
PoorMore than 70%More than 66% - less than 53%

Thereare many things to consider in the world of diamond cut recognition. But don'tworry. in this article we will educate you on some details about methods of thediamond cut, diamond cutgrade, and how diamond-cutsimpact the price and sparkle of the diamond. All, so you can learn andunderstand how to select the best diamond ring.

Why is diamond cut important?

Excellentdiamond selection is about excellent cut selection because the diamond cut directly effects thebeauty and price of the diamond.

Itmay sound exotic to you, but you need to know that the value of a good diamondring is not just about its carat weight, but it is also about diamondbrilliance and diamond sparkle. You should know that the excellent diamondcutting is one of the most important parameters that make a diamond sparkle.But how?

Diamondcutting is a very delicate work of art that is evaluated according to astandard framework,called ‘Diamond CutGrade’. If thediamond is cut properly and professionally, the glory and sparkle of thediamond will be multiplied, and vice versa, if the diamond with high quality isnot cut well, the value will be greatly reduced.

Whenyou want to buy a diamond engagement ring it is important to make sure that youdo not pay more than the actual value of the diamond. It is important to makesure that you do not waste your budget, and you can only gain this guarantee byincreasing your information. Part of this information comes from personal studyand experience; theother part of this information comes from the help of trusted and knowledgeableexperts.

Inthis article, I will try to play a small role in enhancing your information,especially about the diamond cut.

Thedifference between diamonds cut and diamond shapes

A common misconception among diamond wedding rings, occurs whenwe talk about diamond cuts, people often assume that the diamond cut is thesame as the diamond shape and instantly think of heart, pear, princess, round and ovalshapes of diamonds; and they’llsay: "yes we know all kinds of diamond cuts."

However,when we talk about the diamond’s cut, we do not mean diamond shape at all. Infact, diamond’s cut is about the multidimensional and symmetrical facet of thediamond that can reflect the light that is applied to each of these facets fromthe top. As you can see any diamond shape also has a diamond cut.

Howdo they cut diamonds?

Diamondcutting is a delicate,hand-crafted art that needs alot of experienceand accuracy. As you may have noticed by now, diamonds, like any other stone, do notnecessarily have a smooth, brilliance and beautiful structure from thebeginning and must undergo subtle processes to show its shine and beauty. This process is calleddiamond cutting.

Tostart this process,the diamond experts analyzethe sample size of diamonds with the help of advanced computer software available today. Diamondexperts will analyze the results of computer analysis to decide how to choosethe shape and size of their diamond, and at what point can cut the stone to have a better diamondshape from that stone.

Through this analysis, the cutters will decide which part of the stone should becut as the table (the top flat largest facet), and which aspect should be cut as the girdle(the outside edge) of the diamond.

Afterthat, they start cutting the stone by special tools. For example, they keep thesymmetry of the cuts with some marks. They need special tools for polishing thediamond. Yes, you guessed right!It can take 3 to 4 weeks to cut a diamond.

DiamondCutting Method

Thereare four special and general steps to cut a diamond:

Thefirst step is cleaving. In the first step, it is necessary to convert large andirregular stones into small and controllable stones. At this point, the stoneis held in a wax-like mold so that it can be cut into smaller pieces usingblades of steel. Diamond cutters make a groove on the stone and then with thepressure of strikes of the steel blade into the groove can cut it.

Thesecond step is to saw the stone. If it is not possible to cleave the diamond because of the stone’shardness, then the diamond cutters will cut the diamond by using anothertechnique which is sawing. In this stage, they can cut the diamond stone byusing the laser or a special blade that rotating 15000 times per minute.

TheThird step is cutting that is our main topic. After cleaving or sawing thestone then we have a piece of diamond in a suitable size. At this point,diamond cutters can shape the stone with delicate cuts. Obviously, the ultimatepurpose of the cut is that while creating a beautiful stone, these cuts shouldmake symmetrical facets that are able to reflect light from the top surface ofthe stone to give the diamond a unique look.

Itis interesting to know that diamonds are usually used to cut other diamonds. This is because diamondsare the hardest stone and other things cannot cut it easily.

Althoughcutting is the most difficult and sensitive part of this process, but it is notthe end.

Thefourth and final step of preparation of the diamond is called polishing. Atthis point, the cut diamonds are polished using a special polishing wheel,which is covered by a sanding-like plate for polishing the diamonds. This way,the surfaces of the diamond are abraded smooth and then the diamond can showits highest degree of reflection and sparkle.

TheHeart and arrows pattern

Theappearance of the orderly pattern of the heart and arrow, which, can be seenwith the help of special tools, with a red or blue filter, indicates the idealcut diamond. The more symmetricalthe pattern is, the more likely you are to have a sparkly diamond.

Theshallow diamond cut

Whenthe diamond cut is too shallow, the incoming light will move through thediamond and escapes the diamond from the lower facets. In this case, thediamond cannot provide any brilliance or sparkle.

Sometimesthe size of diamonds with shallow cuts seem bigger, but in fact, their glory and beauty are significantly lowerthan diamonds with an ideal cut.

Deepdiamond cut

Whenthe diamond cut is too deep, the incoming light will be directed to the bottom ofthe diamond and paled light will leave the crystal from the bottom facet of thediamond. This kind of reflection will reduce the brightness of the diamond.

Othernegative features of deep cuts include that the size of deep cut diamonds seemsto be smaller than the same size diamonds with Ideal cut.

The Ideal diamond cut

Theideal cut is neither shallow nor deep. In this case, the light that isreflected in the diamond surface will return to the diamond’s top facet insteadof reflecting from the bottom and side facets. The ideal diamond cut with its unique brilliance, can actually transform a diamondfrom a simple stone into a precious jewel.

When the diamond cut is ideally, itmaximizes the light that willreflect from the top of the diamond. In this kind of cutting, there is no light thatescapes from other facets and all incoming light will be centralized in thetable facet. For this reason, diamonds with ‘Ideal’ cut are more luminous.

Whichdiamond cut is most sparkle?

If the diamond is cut ideally, thelight rays will move from each face of the diamond to another faced andeventually reflect from the top of the diamond and you can see the uniquesparkle of the diamond.

Although the overall symmetry ofthe round shape diamond enhances the sparkle, we must not forget that even around shape diamond without an ideal cut cannot display this propertyperfectly. The ideal cut should neither be deep nor shallow.

You can read morearticles about choosing a sparkly diamond in this blog: How To Choose a Sparkly Diamond?

Whatare diamond cut grades?

AsGIA suggested there are5 levels to show diamondcut grade.

1. Excellent
2. Very good
3. Good
4. Fair

As you can see in the diamond cutgrade chart the excellent cut grade diamonds have the highest sparkle and thepoor cut grade diamond have the lowest ability to provide brilliance.

TheIdeal diamond cut grade

The ideal diamond cut grade is an excellentgrade. You may think that a very good grade can be an ideal diamond too, butthe truth is that today, by the many improvements in this field, diamonds lowerthan excellent grades are no longer considered to be ideal.

Infact, when you want to select an engagement ring, choosing a diamond ring is one of the bestchoices. When you decided to have the best choice between all kinds ofengagement rings and you are planning to spend your budget to buy a diamondring, which is themost fashionable and special one, you have to choose the best of the bestbetween all of the available diamonds too.

Yes, you guessed right, the bestGIA diamond is an excellent grade not only the very good one. Why, you may ask?

The answer is obvious. Because bychoosing the wrong one, all your efforts and planning on buying a wedding ringor engagement ring will be lost. If you are going to buy a diamond that does not reflect the lightideally…why buy a diamond at all?

Excellent diamond-cut causes themasterpiece light reflection and providing the diamond brilliance. Thosefeatures making this stone as an Ideas jewel. So in our choice, we should neverlower our expectations of this extraordinary stone from excellent cut grade tojust a very good one.

The effective factors for cut grading

Qualified Diamond graders shouldcheck different properties for grading diamonds. Some of those featuresinclude:

Diamond cuttable (table is the toplargest central facet of the diamond and most of the diamond shine should bereflected from this area)

Angles (pavilion and crown)

Length(star, lower half)



Depth(total, pavilion)

Polish(the shine and luster of the diamond)

Symmetryof cuts

Expert diamond graders evaluate eachof these features based on their own experience and knowledge to select thediamond's grade. This grading knowledge is according to professional standardstoo. In fact, there are standard percentages for each angle and facet in anyshape of the diamond.

For example, a qualified diamondgrader knows that the percentage of a table facet in an excellent cut grade isa number close to 57 percent.

Another example is that in a roundshape diamond, experience shows that the depth percentage of an excellent cutshould be in the range of about 59 to 62 percent. Likewise, each component ofthe diamond cut is carefully examined and finally, they can select an excellentgrade by rating all grades.

Howto make sure of the diamond cut grade?

You should find authentic jewelersand ask for diamond certification. Of course, recognizing the cut grade is verycomplex and needs qualified diamond grader. Authentic jewelers with many yearsof experience can help you to have a better choice. They will provide you adiamond certificate which will ensure that the diamond you buy has excellentquality.

Whyis the diamond certification important in cut grade?

Asyou have seen, the degree of diamond cutting should be determined by diamondspecialists. But those expert people with the help of authentic jewelry storeshave made it easy for us by providing special certification for each diamond.In fact, being ableto trust a diamond cut grade because of the credibility of a reputable jeweleris a good option that can make your shopping enjoyable and easier.

So, to be at ease of mind, it is better to go to the reputable jewelrystores that can provideyou the certification of the diamond.

Doesdiamond certification only include the cut grade?

No, these certificates are not just about degreeof cut grade but also authentic jewelry stores provide you any information thatis important about diamonds such as certificate date, logo, color, clarity, cutgrade, carat weight, precision measurement (width, length, height), diamondshape, laser bar code Inscription and any information that guarantees thehealth and quality of the product. Having such certification will identify yourdiamond and you can rest assured that you have purchased an ideal diamond.

If you have never heard about those certifications orwould like to know more, you can check out the link below. Whatis an Independent Diamond Certificate?

Whatcan we do for the not excellent cut?

Diamonds that are not cut wellcannot shine and provide brilliance. On the other hand, some old cuts also havea low luminosity problem compared to modern cuts that made with up to datetechnology and facilities. In this case, sometimes it can be compensated bycutting the surface bugs again.

This is not always possible andsometimes it is not profitable to recut the loose diamond. sometimes recut thediamond cost more than the true value of it, so to keep your cost down you needto consult a qualified diamond specialist to determine that is the recut thediamond reasonable or not.

DoesDiamond Cut affect the price?

Yes! Diamond cutting is one of the mostimportant features for diamond experts to pricing this unique stone. If you also surprised by theglory and brilliance of a diamond and say to yourself, “I don't know why Ithink this diamond is so much more attractive than the other diamonds?”,pay attention to the diamond cut to find your answer.

Diamond cutting, which is one ofthe quadripartite parameters (4Cs) suggested by the Gemological Institute ofAmerica's (GIA) to evaluating the diamond value, can at least visually affectthe other parameters.

In other words, excellent or idealcuts can make the diamond look more sparkle even compare with heavier caratweight. Contrary to the public perception, what enhances a diamond's value isnot only its carat weight, because if the diamond is cut properly andbeautifully, then it looks larger and more magnificent than another diamondwith the same carat weight. Keep in mind that a good cut can multiply thediamond's sparkle and diamond with more sparkle seems bigger than its trueweight.

Thus, it is not surprising to see when you want to buy a diamond ring, whatyou end up spending the most on is on the diamond cut. Because in the first phase, you like that diamond andits excellent cut- then other features like carat weight, color, and clarity aretaken into consideration. In fact, at first glance, this is the excellentdiamond cut that makes the diamond look brighter and bigger.

Whatis the most expensive diamond cut?

The higher diamond cut grade inthe most expensive diamond. Excellent grade in the best one and the mostexpensive one because the Professional cutting doubles the beauty and the gloryof the diamond.

Whatis the cheapest diamond cut?

It is clear that any diamond cutwith low cut grade will reduce the value and price of the diamond. Forexample, if the diamond facets are not symmetrical, different sides are notaligned, deep or shallow cuts which all have a bad effect on the diamondsparkle and its glory and shine will make the diamond cheaper.

So, the cheapest diamond cut is the poorcut diamond grade which cannot reflect the incoming light from the table facetand most of the light will escape from the underside instead of the top facetof the diamond.

Isthe price related to the country?

In addition to the cuttingstructure that affects the price of this precious stone, it should be noted thatanother pricing factor about cutting is to know where or in which country thediamond is cut. You may be interested to know that some countries are known fortheir long experience in diamond cutting with high quality. Despite such fameand quality so diamonds produced in those countries are also more expensivetoo.

For example, countries suchas Belgium, Russia, Israel, India, and South Africa are known for cuttingdiamonds, while Russian and Belgian diamonds have become world-renowned betweengemologists. So it is clear that the price of diamonds from those countries ishigher.

But it is also important to notethat expensive diamonds or only the name of Russian diamonds do not necessarilyrepresent a better product. You need the advice of a diamond expert to identifyquality and approved diamonds.

Cheapdiamond or ordinary ring?!

The glory of a diamond is becauseit can reflect the light, and it owes this ability to its cut. Of course, themain difference between diamonds and other stones or crystals is their abilityto reflect the light that has made this crystal expensive and renowned.

The first and main criterion inselecting the wedding ring is your style and desire which come from the heartof your love and your romantic relationship.

But after that, In my opinion, ifyou have a limited budget and want to buy a diamond that does not have anyshine, it is better to spend this money on buying a simple wedding ring becauseas I mentioned, the glory of the diamond ring is because of its shine, anddiamond without sparkles has no different from ordinary stones.

Whatare the 4 C’s?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) suggested the ‘4Cs’pattern to evaluate the diamonds. These 4Cs are: 1- color 2- clarity, (if youare interested you can read more about colors and clarity here WhatIs The Color And The Clarity Of The Diamond? 3- carat weight andNumber four, our main topic is evaluating the diamond based on its 4- cut.

Whatis the position of the diamond cut in the 4Cs pattern?

The cut grade is the mostimportant parameter of this quaternary pattern because it has a large effect onthe clarity of the diamond and also we can see that on the contrary to what thecarat weight of a diamond indicates, the diamond with optimum and excellent cutgrade seems bigger and more sparkle.

Another reason which makesdiamond-cut more important than other 4Cs is that recognizing the cut grade isnot simple and needs many years of experience.

Although studying an article maynot be equivalent to many years of experience, but in this article, I havetried to explain this specialized topic to you as simply as possible. Afterreading this article and by consulting with an informed and skillful person youcan be sure that you will spend your budget on buying the diamond ringoptimally and in the best way.

AreBigger Diamonds Better?

Never forget that looking greaterdoesn't necessarily represent more value for diamonds. For example, it seemsthat shallow cut makes the diamond look bigger but at the same time diminishesits luminosity, clarity, and beauty.

Once again you noticed how muchthe diamond cut is important and sensitive.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond?

Excellent diamond selection is anexcellent cut selection. Don't worry if you have a limited budget, by theadvice of a skilled jeweler you can choose a high-quality diamond with perfectcuts that exhibit the same sparkle and dreamy beauty which you can see inbigger diamonds. Even with a limited budget, you can gift the eternal lightperformance to your beloved by choosing the perfect diamond cut.

As you’ve read,diamond cuts have a lot of details to them. If you wouldlike to know more about it, here is the link in which you can read more aboutthe best diamond cut. WhatIs The Best Diamond Cut?

Why should I come to you todesign my ring?

We involve you in every step of the process. At first, we will sit nextto you and go over any concerns you have and any specific design elements youmind the ring to have. Once we have established exactly how you want the ringlooks like, we will proceed with the design process. Once you see this design,if you want to make any change or if you have any questions or concerns we willbe happy to address them for you. Our role is to help you to create the perfectring and that means we will listen to you and make sure that your ring isindeed one of a kind.

By:Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Design Chief

Email: Koorosh@WeddingBandscompany.com

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